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Ole Witthøft

The audiophile Bluetooth speaker

Here's finally a Bluetooth speaker for the audiophile. It is built with all the attention to quality, materials […]
Ole Witthøft

SA Cockpit: A simple and revolutionary app for wireless Silverbacks

SA Cockpit is a revolutionary and simple App that turns your smartphone into a control center for Stereo […]
Ole Witthøft

Stereo Hub turns silver

From January 2022, we deliver Stereo Hub and remote control in silver finish. The product remain unchanged, but […]
Ole Witthøft

We present a new and powerful generation of Bluetooth speakers

The sound sets new standards and the speakers have many connectivity options. They are built to last and […]
Ole Witthøft

Silverback available in walnut finish

By the end of October 2021, SA legend 5.2 silverback and SA legend 60.2 silverback will be available […]
Ole Witthøft

Wireless audio has a new champion

30 editors-in-chief from test magazines all over the world have cast their votes and our legend 40.2 silverback […]
Ole Witthøft

The nerdy part of RAM TWEAKS for SA legend 40.2 silverback

Sound lovers know that there is a dilemma in choosing between small and well-built 2-way speakers and big […]
Ole Witthøft

Free upgrade: Improved sound from digital speakers

SA legend 40.2 silverback is now available in an upgraded version. You can upgrade the speakers yourself. It's […]
Ole Witthøft

We have made top-class sound cheaper and wireless

Enjoy music in the best audio quality, without having your living room invaded by cables and equipment and […]
Ole Witthøft

Play seriously with sound

RAM TWEAKS are sound optimizations that you download from the internet and install in your speakers. You get […]
Ole Witthøft

New remote control for Stereo Hub

We now supply Stereo Hub with a nice remote control in aluminium. Price of Stereo Hub remains the […]
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