SA exact

SA exact

Experiences are much greater when the sound is exact

No other speaker manages to combine placement freedom, durability and sound quality like SA exact.

Experiences become much bigger, 

when the sound is exact

No other speaker manages to combine placement freedom, durability and sound quality like SA exact.
Hang it directly on the wall or place it on a shelf. However you choose to live with SA exact, it will surprise you with its incredible sound quality.

Too unique to label

SA exact is unlike any other speaker because it's so flexible it can be placed in places where a regular speaker would seem out of place. Get used to the idea that SA exact is a different way of thinking that offers both placement freedom and top-class sound quality.

Related to SA explorer master

The fascinating sound quality is remarkable on SA exact. The sound is far bigger than the speaker and you hear a wealth of nuances in the sound, which makes any kind of entertainment more vivid. The speaker incorporates the same technologies as the SA explorer master floorstanding speaker, setting new standards.

SA exact white side

With its simple and avant-garde design, SA exact becomes both "invisible" - and worth noticing


Solutions for your home

SA exact is a modern and flexible speaker that can be used in conjunction with a music system or in a home cinema with top-class sound quality. It can be used alone or in a system with other SA speakers, and comes in a variety of colours and finishes. You can even order it in a colour that suits you. With its incredible reliability, SA exact can also be used in e.g. sound studios, conference rooms, shops, cafés, restaurants and similar installations.

The technical background

Uses the laws of acoustics to its advantage
The acoustics of SA exact are specially adapted to allow the speaker to work near a wall.
In acoustics, some special conditions apply when sound meets larger surfaces, such as walls. When a loudspeaker is placed near a wall, part of the sound from the loudspeaker is reflected off the wall surface and mixed with the sound that the loudspeaker has already emitted into the room. The sound from a conventional loudspeaker will be distorted if the loudspeaker is not designed to operate in these conditions. This can be heard, for example, in low notes sounding inaccurate and voices sounding mumbled and difficult to understand. The acoustics of SA exact are specially adapted to the conditions around larger surfaces. The influence of sound reflections is taken into account in the creation of the loudspeaker's own acoustics. Thus SA exact achieves optimum performance when placed on a wall, even without transmitting vibrations to the wall.

SA exact black system

Inspiration for the right solution

A speaker with many faces. SA exact is available in four different finishes, can be placed in four different ways and can be used in many types of installations. The pictures give you an idea of how it can be used for your purpose.

Use SA exactly

As front speaker
As center speaker
As rear speaker
Place SA exact standing horizontally
Hanging horizontally (via built-in brackets)
Hanging vertically (via built-in brackets)

Choose from these finishes

White cabinet (with black front grille)
Black cabinet (with black front grille)
Black high gloss (with black front grille)

Connect SA exact

For a music system with an output power of min. 70 watts per channel
For a home theater system, with an output power of min. 70 watts per channel
For a multi-room system, via a power amplifier of min. 70 watts per channel
To a computer, via a power amplifier of min. 70 watts per channel

SA exact white side

In portrait position, the speaker is angled slightly upwards

SA exact white side, on wall

Hanging on the wall, the speaker is oriented directly into the room. Its depth corresponds to a flat TV

SA exact turning logo

The logo can be rotated to face the right way, no matter how the speaker is placed


Bass speaker SA W1404XL

SA-XL logo

The base elements use XL technology

Each W1404XL bass element features a new technology with two voice coils in the motor system instead of one. We call the technology XL technology because the sound is "extra large" and because excel means to master. These small bass elements have an almost incredible durability and precision because the different moving parts are molded together and not glued like in traditional bass elements.
  • XL technology utilises two voice coils in each bass element to reproduce the deepest tones
  • XL technology enables our bass elements to reproduce much deeper bass than bass elements with traditional technology
  • Membrane weight: 0.9 grams, equivalent to 25% of the weight of a standard piece of A4 paper
  • 12 mm stroke length (diaphragm migration)
  • Cast aluminium chassis
  • W1404XL bass element is magnetically shielded
  • XL technology only available in SA speakers


SA T2506XS tweeter

SA-XS logo

The T2506XS tweeter is an
acoustic masterpiece

Acoustics, precision engineering and musicality come together in the T2506XS tweeter for a stunningly nuanced reproduction of sound detail. With a diaphragm weight of just 80 mg, the near-transparent diaphragm is possibly the lightest ever made.
XS technology means that a wave guide around the tweeter controls the sound's radiation so it doesn't reflect off the cabinet's faceplate and edges. The wave guide is an advanced acoustic solution that directs sound waves away from obstacles - simplifying the tweeter's electronic circuitry to improve sound quality
  • XS technology also ensures that the tweeter radiates sound over a larger area than any traditional tweeter. You can move around, or sit in different places, and still experience consistent sound quality throughout the room. Conventional tweeters radiate the highest notes in a narrow beam, requiring you to sit directly in front of the speaker to get the full experience. XS technology increases the area in front of the speakers where you can experience optimal sound quality
  • A 12 mm cast aluminium faceplate provides a vibration-free foundation for the tweeter's delivery of information that can require precise diaphragm movements as small as 0.0005 mm!!
  • Unique textile membrane weighs only 80 mg - perhaps the lightest ever made
  • Built-in separate chamber behind the diaphragm
  • Resonances caused by the sound from the back of the membrane hitting the bottom plate of the magnet are eliminated by means of three small blocks of different material that can be seen through the almost transparent membrane
  • The T2506XS tweeter is magnetically shielded
  • XS technology only available in SA speakers



In each side of the SA exact is a bass reflex port integrated in the cabinet


The speaker's internal cabling is done with the American Nordost Spellbinder cable
  • Dimensions (WxHxD) cm 22.5 x 61 x 17
  • Power handling 150 Watt
  • Frequency range 45 - 35.000 Hz (+/- 1.5 dB)
  • Impedance 8 ohms

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