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Thoroughly tested speakers with a great sound

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SA legend silverback family

Thoroughly tested speakers with a great sound

For the music lover who wants sublime music experiences and a hassle-free everyday life with technology.

Here, music lovers will enjoy the very highest quality experiences. SA legend silverback is a family of 100% active speakers that are innovative like no other.

Good experience to visit the Vinyl record fair and see SA's products 🥰

Saxo 1 Active: I've happily lived with these little gems for 5 years now and am delighted with their sonic performance, fidelity and the excellent build quality. No issues in making connections; in my case 2.2, each SA-1 complimented with a DLS Flatsub Midi (more Scandinavian goodness). I do wish that the system wouldn't time out on its own and that I had more control for disconnection of BT. Also wishing for an SA iPhone app to control these, or ideally, a far better remote from SA, as the included remote is distinctly cheap feeling and not in keeping with the Saxo quality level and Scandinavian design/aesthetic principles. A wee chunky bit of billet aluminum would have been a better industrial design approach I think. All else is stellar.

Mega cool showroom with lots of goodies. Like a candy store for adults. Makes clearly the best wireless speakers money can buy.

Hello Ole. Thank you so much for the fantastic speakers you and your team have made. We have become much more interested in listening to music - exactly as we had hoped for. We are especially happy with the app (from which we can easily adjust so the sound is perfect), that they are wireless and can be placed exactly where we want them, that they have wheels so they are easy to move, that we can play music from various online music services via our phones and of course the sound is fantastic. A bonus was that they could also be connected to our television, so we now have a cinema experience. So - a huge THANK YOU for your 37 years of persistent loud speaker geekery.

Superb Danish delicious sound👍

A good experience, very competent demo, went with a good feeling, and brother got something to think about,

Quality for all the money. Good service.

Fantastic speakers. Have driven with SA for almost 20 years. Love the detail in the sound, even after so many years I have yet to be expected, and can still enjoy the partials in the sound. The service and support has always been high from SA when I have needed advice or questions about a product. Can only recommend the product, especially if you are looking for a long-term durable solution.

sounstage and detail. they sound good with all my amps, solid or tube

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