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See our fantastic year. Here are the highlights from 2016 at System Audio

We make loudspeakers, because we love music. Since 1984, we have designed and developed loudspeakers that brings you closer to the music. We live and breathe for extraordinary sound experiences and here is a look at our 2016 in the rear mirror.

Loudspeakers are many things.

We might not even talk about the same thing when we talk about loudspeakers.

For us, a loudspeaker is like a good book or a good movie.

It is impossible to let it go.

A good loudspeaker involves you in the music, so you'll want to hear more.

And "more" ... is certainly a word that fits our 2016.

In 2016, we added new chapters to our story.

It will happen again in 2017!

But first take a look at a fantastic 2016 .... with large and small events in a random order.

Thank you for following us on our blog and a Happy New Year!

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Our wireless speakers turn on automatically (and sounds even better)

Just start the music – and the speaker will turn on itself. It's the smart thing about Autosense, which is the technology that we have built into the award winning SA saxo 1 active and SA saxo 5 active since the beginning of 2016.

On the same occasion, we upgraded the amplifier to a more powerful version with even better sound.


World-class speaker elements for top speakers

New speaker elements for the pandion family was finalized in 2016, and you can have great expectations. This is the most extraordinary experience your ears have had and it's great engineering as well.

The sound is 8-10 times cleaner than you normally hear from a speaker.

The music goes two octaves deeper and loudspeaker’s great dynamic range opens the musical presence by a factor of 3. It is not cheap to set new standards and the hand-built elements for pandion belongs in the luxury segment.


SA saxo 5 active: The best wireless speaker of the year

Two speakers and a smartphone. That's all you need to have a complete wireless music system.

SA saxo 5 active is best wireless speaker of the year and in 2016 it came out with a 6-star review and in US they said: "The SA saxo 5 active produced a surprisingly refined and elegant sound".

Our wireless speakers have, twice scored a grade of "sehr gut" in Germany, which has placed them in "Oberklasse".

We are Oberklasse happy about it.


SA saxo 70 got Specially Recommended

It certainly does something with the music, the entertaining SA saxo 70. Now it has been Specially Recommended by the critics.

This review from Germany puts it in Spitzenklasse!


500 visitors to our vinyl fair

The 3. vinyl fair on our loudspeaker factory included lectures, concerts, a café and of course 10,000's of vinyl records, and our blog was overflowed by nice images of happy people.


SA pandion 30: Top-class loudspeaker of the year

It was a great moment for us when SA pandion 30 – a loudspeaker with a special history – won Loudspeaker of the Year in the ambitious category: Top-class.

In the US they fell on their knees because of the beautiful Dane with the incredible sound.


Power-saving concert with lots of energy

We held a successful concert in our warehouse with the Danish electro-pop artists Rest in Beats.

In addition to the cool music and good sound, we also had a mission which we accomplished. We managed to arrange a full-blown concert for 100 people using the same amount of electrical power as a normal family during a normal evening.

That’s how efficient great electronics can become through innovative thinking!


We presented a musical multi-talent

There is nothing more liberating than a small speaker with big sound.

We have pushed the boundaries several times and we are proud to have done it again in 2016 with SA saxo 5.


Our most ambitious loudspeaker ever

SA pandion 50 is our most ambitious loudspeaker ever.

All music becomes new again, when provided through this musical magician.

This masterpiece just received its first review in Germany.


The 10. anniversary of a classic

In a world where gadgets come and go this loudspeaker celebrated its 10th anniversary.

It has been upgraded 3 times but the design has always been the same.

It has got the size of normal piece of paper and you can put it on a shelf or hang it on a wall (with only one screw).

The sound is always surprising and it has honestly earned its name: SA talent.


Speaker developed with design icon

Kähler Fugato is a portable, wireless speaker, developed in collaboration between design icon Kähler and System Audio.

The unconventional collaboration between our two companies was awarded in 2016 with the innovation prize ICONIC AWARD and the prestigious Reddot Design Award.

An exciting and memorable project.


The best compact loudspeaker we have ever built

SA pandion 5 offers an overwhelming experience of all forms of music.

It was created by SA's development team in an open collaboration with a panel of music lovers, musicians and studio engineers.

Prepare for an overwhelming and tremendous music experience.


138 new test pilots

Our test pilots are a group of people that we take very seriously.

They are involved in our listening tests and we discuss product design with them. We use their input to make decisions about technology etc.

In 2016, 138 new test pilots joined our team and we have used their valuable input throughout the year.

Test pilots are normally engineers, studio technicians, musicians or music lovers with good ears.


Finally, high gloss walnut

For a long time, we have worked to create a perfect finish in real high gloss walnut.

In 2016, we succeeded by developing a method where the real wood stand out in a beautiful way.

The exclusive finish can now be seen in the pandion family.


Co-operation with local school

Why must I learn how to read, write, calculate and work together with others?

This question is often complicated to answer, so in 2016 we tried for the first time to cooperate with the local primary school.

We have given the children tasks where skills from school comes into play in the real world. It is probably not be the last time we see a school class at the factory.


Invents its own category

SA pandion 20 is a loudspeaker that can´t be compared with others.

The sound is musical and accurate just like the best compact speakers. But at the same time, the sound is big and uncolored like a large floor standing speaker.

It's no secret that we have great expectations for SA pandion 20.


3D print your own speaker stand

It is extremely beneficial to the sound, to angle a compact speaker slightly towards the listener.

A small, simple stand can improve the loudspeaker dramatically and make it sound like a more expensive loudspeaker.

We are currently working with multiple solutions, and one of them is this 3D-printed stand, that will be available a free download from our website.

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Effective mechanical grounding

The pandion family is the first to present a new decoupling system where the speaker is mounted on a solid block of wood and aluminum, which is decoupled from the floor by a rubber membrane.

The effective mechanical decoupling provides great sound clarity and precision.

The new pandion speakers are also the first to introduce our own ultimate binding posts.


4 small concerts in our factory

In 2016 we held four small concerts, and we will definitely do it again.

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The cozy atmosphere of the loudspeaker factory is unique and one of our experiences were Anja Kickbusch, which we think you will hear again.


Our 4. vinyl fair was the most versatile

The Vinyl Fair on the Loudspeaker Factory has found its format and it is quite unique.

Look at 10,000's of vinyl records, listen come to lectures, live music, hang out in the café, learn about turntables, loudspeakers and many other things.


144 awards in one place (30 years in the spotlight)

In 2016, we mark the anniversary of the first review of a System Audio loudspeaker (in 1986).

Therefore, we have collected 144 awards, product tests and articles in one place.

Keep an eye on the site. It gets bigger all the time.


Happy new year!

Ole Witthøft
Ole is the founder of System Audio. His 3 greatest passions are music, design and technology. Every day, Ole is working on some kind of projects, and you find him in the workshop, in the production, behind a computer or on one of his many presentations around the world.
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