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We have reinvented the subwoofer

SA Silverback Sub Solo doesn't look like a normal subwoofer and it doesn't work like one either. With modern technology, we have improved the subwoofer and made it smaller and easier to live with.

SA Silverback Sub Solo is the wireless subwoofer in the Silverback-familien. Use it in a music system with Stereo Hub, and two Silverback speakers and experience a large and deep soundstage with astonishing punch. It's all set up in SA Cockpit, our revolutionary app.

We highly recommend it for a wireless home theater with up to eight Silverback speakers, all wirelessly connected to Surround Hub (or similar) where you will enjoy Sub Solo's special talent for power and drama.

Easy to place

Silverback Sub Solo is designed to stand on the floor or hang on the wall (horizontally or vertically). Wall brackets make it easy to place on the wall. It only needs to be connected with a power cord to become part of a wireless music system or home theater.

Silverback Sub Solo also fits into furniture from Clic, where it will play through either the front or bottom.

Ahead of the competition

Silverback technology allows us to think about subwoofers in a new way. Others have to make their subwoofers bigger to force deep bass frequencies to come out. We have a digital signal processor to control the woofer and it plays the deepest bass, even though the subwoofer is quite small.

The digital signal processor also ensures that we can experience deep bass tones, even when we play at low volume. Ordinary subwoofers can’t do this but consider how important it is in daily use.

SA Cockpit is our app that can optimize the speaker's performance so it fits the perfectly in the acoustics of the room. Bass frequencies are difficult to handle for the acoustics of a normal home but room correction in the SA Cockpit is a tool that really sets Silverback apart from most others.

Power plant with two engines

The Silverback unit uses two amplifiers to drive the woofer. The membrane has a long stroke and the woofer's motor system uses two voice coils to control the unit and give the sound extra punch.

There are three RAM TWEAKS for the Silverback Sub Solo for you if you want to play with the sound. One tweak makes the subwoofer play extra loud. Another makes it the sound extra deep.

Designed for corners

Put it in a corner and you get maximum benefit from the SA Silverback Sub Solo. The laws of acoustics and modern technology merge to create an amazing performance. You might think:

What's better than a subwoofer?

Two subwoofers! Introducing the SA Silverback Sub Duo. The twin for Sub Solo.

Sub Solo is prepared for upgrade with Sub Duo. Solo has built-in two amplifiers to drive Sub Duo and you can upgrade with Sub Duo when it suits you best.

Sub Duo is easily connected to Sub Solo with a cable.

The interesting fact is that two subwoofers perform better than one. The subwoofer's contribution to the total sound depends entirely on the acoustics of the room. Two subwoofers placed in two corners of the room produce better sound than one subwoofer.

Acoustics are strong forces that can’t be easily controlled. Often it goes wrong and sound becomes boomy. On the other hand, you can control the forces of acoustics in an intelligent way. Two subwoofers control the acoustics and remove some of the forces that work against the best sound.

In the shops:

Summer 2023


SA Silverback Sub Solo: Euro 1,599.-

SA Silverback Sub Duo: Euro 899.-

Technical specifications

Dimensions (WxHxD) cm: 42x31x20.5 incl front grille, excl. wall bracket (2 cm)

Recommended placement: corner, on floor or wall

Frequency range: 17-250 Hz

Finish: White satin / Black satin

Built-in amplifiers: 4 x 150 Watt (two amplifiers prepared for Sub Duo)

Standby power consumption: 2 Watt

Inputs: WiSA (wireless) analog XLR

Output: for Silverback Duo

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