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Looking for big sound, not big speakers?

SA Silverback 1 is a new member of the award-winning Silverback family. It is created for music lovers looking for great sound experiences, without having large speakers in the living room.

It has the size of a sheet of A4 paper when you look at the front. That’s how small it is. The sound (on the other hand) fills the entire room but I will get back to that.  

Because the most striking thing about SA Silverback 1 is how incredibly discreet it is.

The sculptural design is created to fit into your home, without demanding too much attention.

Can be placed anywhere

Hang it on the wall (with one screw) or place it on a shelf. A power cord is all it needs to become part of a wireless music system or home theater.

Amazing sound experiences have been enjoyed by those who have been willing to buy an expensive music system with exotic equipment and plenty of wires that are difficult to live with.

Unfortunately, the user-friendly alternative deliver a significantly poorer sound quality.

Award-winning sound and user-friendliness

We have revolutionized that with Silverback. It is a family of wireless speakers that require nothing more than a a small digital control unit and a smartphone to deliver top-class sound experiences. And they are easy to use.

You only need two speakers, a small control unit and a smartphone. That’s all. You don't need any equipment or plenty of wires.

International test magazines have awarded Silverback with the prestigious EISA Award three consecutive years. Not without reason. You may connect your TV, turntable, computer, CD and game console to the digital control unit and integrate them into the wireless universe.

Your music system can be exactly as simple or complex as you want.

Uses the laws of acoustics to its advantage

SA Silverback 1 is designed for placement near a wall. Special acoustic conditions apply near a wall, which make the sound dark if a speaker is not built for that placement. With digital technology, Silverback 1 uses the laws of acoustics to its advantage to achieve a sound in perfect balance when placed on or close to a wall.

And the sound…

Most people first notice the clear and pleasant bass from Silverback 1. The sound is rich and warm, even when playing at low volume. This is due to the custom built woofers and their close integration with the built-in amplifiers in each speaker. It sounds like a much larger speaker and we are especially proud its engaging musicality.

The next thing that surprises many music lovers is the speaker's ability to bring voices to life and the sound of any instrument is clear and detailed. SA Silverback 1 is a 100% digital speaker that is built without the use of passive circuits that can make the sound cloudy and unclear in normal speakers. Silverback create a different and life-like sound experience.

The tweeter's patented acoustic lens covers the living room with sound, so you hear all the nuances of the sound, no matter where you are in the room.

It can play surprisingly loud considering how small it is. But the built-in digital processors monitor and protect the speaker from overload, so all you have to think about is what song you want to hear next.

Price DKK 17,198 per pair, incl. Stereo Hub

Technical specifications

Dimensions (WxHxD) cm: 21×32.5×13.5

Recommended placement: on wall or shelf

Frequency range: 45-25.000 Hz +/- 1.5 dB

Finish: Satin white (with white cloth), Satin black (with black front white cloth)

Amplifiers: 2 x 80 Watt in each speaker

Standby consumption: 1.9 W

Inputs: line in and WiSA (wireless)

SA Silverback 1 in satin black finish standing on a shelf

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