Top-class design and sound

It takes up less than 15 x 15 cm of your floor. Yet it sets a new and breathtaking standard for sound experience and design in speakers.

Top-class design and sound

It takes up less than 15 x 15 cm of your floor. Yet it sets a new and breathtaking standard for sound experience and design in speakers.
Use the SA XP30 in a small or medium-sized living room in conjunction with a good quality music system or home cinema. Here you'll be impressed by the small speaker's sumptuous sonic clarity and big sound.
SAXP30Black (7)

Both distinctive and discreet

SA XP30 stands in your living room as a simple piece of furniture, without any unnecessary decorations. Viewed from above, the speaker is perfectly square with softly rounded edges. The speaker is available in white or black. Both colours have a special fabric finish that is drawn all the way around the speaker. An original design that stands out from the crowd in a tasteful and simple way.

SAXP30Top (4)

SA XP30 in black finish has black top with high gloss lacquer,
black fabric and black footrest

SAXP30Top (3)

SA XP30 in white finish has white top, white fabric and white base

SAXP30Bottom (13)

If your floor is not perfectly level, you can secure the set-up
with the base plates provided

SAXP30Rubber (15)

The included rubber feet are particularly suitable for hard floors

SAXP30Spikes (14)

The spikes provided are particularly useful if you have carpets.
Spikes and rubber feet can also be fitted to the additional base plates

Easy to live with

Special care has been taken to adapt the acoustics of the SA XP30 to the conditions of an ordinary living room. It is designed to be placed 10-20 cm from the wall. A position that makes most ordinary speakers sound wrong. An electrical circuit ensures that the sound from the speaker is sent slightly upwards, filling the entire room with sound. The SA XP30 can be used for most types of music and movies. Even when listening to background music, you can clearly hear every detail of the music.

SAXP30Bottom (12)

SAXP30Bottom (11)The underside of the SA XP30 reveals the gold-plated connectors

Can be used with almost all systems

The SA XP30 doesn't place any special demands on your music system to give you great sound. The amplifier just needs to be of a good quality and the output power should be 50 watts or more.

practical base plate included

Your SA XP30s come with a pair of extra-large base plates to use if the floor under the speakers isn't perfectly level.
You also get rubber feet, spikes and associated protectors. Rubber feet are recommended for hard floors, while spikes are best used if you have carpet.

SAXP30Black (10)

Underneath the fabric are two 11 cm woofers, a 25 mm tweeter, a
bass reflex port, as well as the special foam that eliminates sound reflections

Technology inherited from more expensive speakers

One of the reasons for the big sound is the XL technology used in the woofers. The special construction makes the bass drivers' diaphragms move further, giving a much deeper bass response than would otherwise be possible with small woofers. The SA XP30 uses woofers downscaled from the SA ranger.

SA-XL logo

Big sound from a small speaker. XL technology is the formula SA uses to build its best bass speakers

XP - what the name means

XP is a family of speakers from SA, of which the 30 model is the smallest floorstander. "XP" is an abbreviation of "explorer".

Thoughtful and refined

SA is respected for its incredibly crafted speakers and so is the SA XP30. The solid cabinet is built from 18 mm MDF to avoid coloration of the sound, and the faceplate itself is 25 mm thick! The entire front panel around the speaker units is covered in 5 mm neoprene rubber, and around the tweeter you'll find a special type of foam that eliminates reflections and makes the sound extra clear and comfortable. The 50 mm thick plinth under the speaker is milled from one piece of solid MDF. Here you will find the large gold-plated connectors that connect the SA XP30 to your music system or home cinema system via the speaker cable


The creator of sound, technology and design

Ole Witthøft founded System Audio A/S in 1984 and has won numerous awards and tests for SA speakers' unique combination of sound, technology and interior design
  • Dimensions (WxHxD) cm: 14,5 x 100 x 14,5
  • Recommended amplifier: min 50 Watt
  • Recommended placement: floor, 10-20 cm from back wall
  • Load capacity: 135 Watt
  • Frequency range +/- 3 dB: 45-35.000 Hz
  • Impedance: 4-8 ohms (light load)
  • Sensitivity (1W, 1m): 88 dB

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