SA Silverback Sub Duo

SA Silverback Sub Duo

Extra power for Sub Solo

Sub Duo doubles the power and optimizes performance

SA Silverback Sub Duo is designed to work together with SA Silverback Sub Solo

Sub Duo is the perfect partner for Sub Solo. Duo is identical to Solo, but without amplifiers, because they are already built into Solo. This explains why the Duo is cheaper, but also why they only need to be connected to each other to work in perfect cooperation.

With its adaptive bass system and room correction, Sub Solo is a cutting-edge subwoofer. The sound is controlled by a built-in DSP that controls the Vulcano 8 woofer down to the very deepest frequencies of the music or movie. This DSP also controls Sub Duo.

Sub Solo reproduces the deepest audible frequencies. This means that upgrading doesn't mean choosing a bigger subwoofer, as you would with traditional technology.

When Sub Solo and Sub Duo are placed (for example) in opposite corners of the room, you get the best possible performance because the corner placement creates the fewest sound reflections. The result is an unusual combination of punch and depth of sound.

This is possible because the subwoofers have room correction and are controlled by DSP. The corner placement is ideal because of the minimal reflections of the sound and because room correction perfects the subwoofer's performance to a level that only few of us have experienced before.

Setting up the subwoofers is done in the SA Cockpit app, where you set the sound level, cut-off frequency, phase, distance to the listening position, and room correction.

  • Dimensions (WxHxD) cm: 42x31x20.5
  • Recommended placement: Floor, corner or wall
  • Frequency range: 17-250 Hz
  • Finish: White satin / Black satin
  • Built-in amplifier: None (powered by two amplifiers in Sub Solo)
  • Input: 4-pin mini-DIN connector (including 10 meter interconnect cable for Sub Solo)
  • Woofer: 1 x Silverback Vulcano 8"
  • Wall bracket: Built-in. Rubber feet for floor placement included

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