SA Signature Sub 8


Small but powerful

This compact subwoofer surprises most people.
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SA Signature Sub 8

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Small but powerful

Despite its modest dimensions, Signature Sub 8 is an extremely powerful subwoofer that is suitable for both music and movies. Try lifting it! It weighs almost 20 kilos.

You never run out of power with Signature Sub 8. You experience an incredibly deep, dry and potent bass that suits any kind of music and soundtrack.

With its 600 Watts built-in amplifier it controls the two custom-designed 8” Vulcano woofers, which sit on each side of the speaker to eliminate vibrations.

Not an ordinary subwoofer

Many people know the problem of boomy bass from subwoofers. It is impossible to separate different sounds from each other and everything is drowned in bass. This is well-known with ordinary subwoofers.

Signature Sub 8 is different. The amplifier houses a powerful power supply that can deliver very large effects to control the sound. The woofers' motor systems are at least twice as large as those in ordinary subwoofers. The cabinet is extremely solid with a thickness of 25-50 mm.

The combination of great stability, lots of power and great control over the movements of the woofers gives an incredible energy and precision in the sound.

Built for everyday life

The impressive technology is one thing. How it works in everyday life is another. Try listening to the Signature Sub 8 at regular volume and notice how deep bass tones fill the room.

This is unusual, because normally it's not possible for a subwoofer to create deep tones at low volumes. But with the help of modern technology and high-quality signal processors, we've made everyday audio experiences with the Signature Sub 8 something special.

Technical description

  • Built-in 600 Watt amplifier
  • Variable crossover frequency: 25-100 Hz
  • Input: Line in (mono or stereo)
  • Volume control for adjusting sound level
  • On/off function that can automatically switch on/off (autosense)
  • Phase: 0 or -180 degrees
  • Mains: 110 V or 230 V

More information under Technical specifications.

Signature Sub 8 will be in stores during the summer of 2024.


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Technical specifications
  • Frequency range: 22-200 Hz
  • Woofers: 2 x 8" Signature Volcano
  • Principle: sealed
  • Dimensions (WxHxD) cm: 29.6x29.6x31
  • Finish: Satin white and Satin black
  • Amplifier: 600 Watt
  • Main voltage: 110 V and 230 V
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