SA saxo 7 active

The speakers are your entire music system

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What's amazing is everything you don't see. The two speakers, together with your smartphone, form a complete wireless music system! * Easy to use * Award-winning sound * Can be connected to 5 appliances
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SA saxo 7 active

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Minimalist music system that delivers maximum experiences

The new SA saxo 7 active takes up almost no space. And yet it's a complete music system that fills your world with impressive sound. You see just two speakers. But it's what you don't see that really counts. The amazing music experience, the ease of use and the sound that fills your living room.

We've made big sound easier than ever

Behind the beautifully crafted and surprisingly heavy cabinets, saxo 7 active hides built-in, powerful amplifiers and electronics that "talk" to your smartphone, tablet and wireless PC. The speakers are equipped with an Autosense scanner that automatically makes contact with your smartphone (if you want) as soon as you walk in the door at home. You may already be listening to music via headphones while you're getting undressed, but as soon as you unplug your phone, the music will instead flow out of the system, filling your home with vibrant, lifelike sound in a quality you'd normally only expect from a set of large floor-standing speakers. At the same time, the speakers' remote control also links up with your mobile, so you can switch tracks and turn up or down the volume remotely, even if you might be putting your phone in another room. You have to try it.

Give your LPs and CDs new life

You don't need a sound source other than your smartphone. But saxo 7 active is made for music lovers, so if you have an LP, CD or tape collection, you can connect a CD player, tape recorder and turntable to the system, which even has built-in RIAA for the turntable. You can also use saxo 7 active with your TV or games console - and get the full audio experience for your pictures.

Want to know why the sound is so big?

At System Audio, we never compromise on sound quality. So we've developed a range of unique solutions to create great, natural sound from saxo 7 active. The built-in amplifier has an "adaptive bass" function that makes bass tones naturally audible, even when playing low. It gives your music experience an extra boost. The speakers can deliver an incredible sound pressure ... you won't believe that such a small speaker can play so "big" with all kinds of music. Read more on our blog.

The speaker units are specially designed for SA saxo 7 active

The tweeter units are equipped with a feathered diaphragm that ensures super-precise reproduction of the high notes. They feature a patented acoustic lens that disperses the high frequencies so you can enjoy the dynamics and crisp overtones of the music throughout the room, not just when you're sitting right in front of the speakers. The 13cm bass units feature a powerful magnet system and - again - very light diaphragms, because a light diaphragm can move at lightning speed and reproduce all the nuances of the midrange and bass with fullness and impact. And the deep bass gets extra richness via the bass reflex port on the back of the speakers. If you want even more punch from the deepest bass, you can connect an active subwoofer.

Discover SA saxo 7 active

You can find SA saxo 7 active at your local HiFi store. Go in and feel the quality. See their beautiful finish in satin white or satin black. Listen to them - it's shocking how beautiful and vibrant sound you get for the money. When you get home, you can place the speakers discreetly on a shelf, in a bookcase or on the wall with our W.5 wall bracket. And then you can just turn it up and enjoy life and sound.

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SA saxo 7 active - Technical specifications


  • Bluetooth 4.0 lossless aptX
  • AAC (Apple)
  • WAV, MP3 320 kbps
  • 2 optical digital
  • 1 record player
  • 1 analog stereo RCA



  • Bass speaker: 1 x W1408 saxo
  • Treble: 1 x T25DXT Ti
  • Principle: 2-way bass reflex
  • Dimensions (HxHxD) cm: 16x31x26 cm
  • Finish: Black or white satin
  • Designed to wall bracket W.5  
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