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Welcome home

You can't go wrong with the message. Shaped like a discreet exclamation point in your living room, SA ranger is there to remind you of the joy of top-class entertainment when you get home.


Welcome home

You can't go wrong with the message. Shaped like a discreet exclamation point in your living room, SA ranger is there to remind you of the joy of top-class entertainment when you get home.
SA ranger is designed for people who want to be inspired by top-class home entertainment. When the door closes and leaves the hectic world outside, SA ranger will be open to any invitation: rock, pop, jazz or classical - and whatever else you can think of. You can listen to background music or play loud for hours. You can move around or sit down. Everywhere, you'll experience consistent, lifelike sound quality.
SA ranger can also be used in your home cinema, and will convince you that it's worth spending the time to treat yourself to great experiences.

A genuine product development

SA ranger is real news. It doesn't consist of old technologies in a new package like you see elsewhere in the speaker industry. SA is not the biggest speaker brand, so we have to do a better job than the big brands to get noticed.
And we take the task seriously. Every part of an SA ranger is specifically engineered for the speaker to set a new standard in its class.
It's not called "ranger" for nothing. Its job is to introduce you to experiences you've never had before.
SA ranger white fire placeSpeaker placement, size, tonal range, distance to the floor and the shape of the speaker cabinet are among the factors that influence the acoustics of the speaker - and thus the sound. At SA ranger, part of the acoustic design is carried out using advanced computer simulations

Acoustics - the invisible quality of the loudspeaker

Acoustics is one of the least visible sciences. But the presence of excellent acoustics liberates sound and gives you an extraordinary experience. Acoustic perfection is only one of our goals, and when we develop speakers, we start far from laboratories and measurement rooms. Our speakers are created to work in the homes of the people who choose to live with them. A number of the world's leading acoustic engineers have contributed to the development of SA ranger. It can be hard to see. But you can't help but hear it.

A sound spread made for a home - not a laboratory

In an ordinary home, both the floor and the ceiling are smooth surfaces, almost without refractions or variations. The walls, on the other hand, are lined with various pieces of furniture that shape the acoustics of the home. The smooth floor and ceiling surfaces usually create a lot of reflections that make the sound unnatural, while the furniture in the room and along the walls create far fewer reflections - therefore the sound from SA ranger radiates less towards the floor and ceiling than you are used to from other speakers. In addition, the narrow design helps prevent reflections from the speaker's faceplate, while the relatively deep cabinet prevents sound reflections from inside the speaker from propagating out through the speaker elements' diaphragms. You can hear all this clearly, as the reduced reflections and excellent acoustics of the speaker help to give you a lifelike experience of being close to the artists.

A sound that's right in your ear

SA ranger can be placed exactly where you want it - although it pays to experiment with placement for optimal sound. And when you sit in front of the speaker, the sound is delivered right at ear level, giving you the experience of sitting right in front of the performers.
World-class know-how behind the product:

Global development team behind the technologies

Some of the technologies in SA speakers have been developed by specialist companies from around the world, each a leader in their field. The approach to development is both bold and visionary, but creates better products for our customers.Global development team behind the technologies
At the beginning of the last century, industrialisation emerged and created products that could be acquired by ordinary people, not just the higher social classes. Companies took special pride in producing everything themselves, but today this old-fashioned type of company is obsolete, because industrialisation has been overtaken by the knowledge society and technological development is so rapid that it makes no sense to produce everything under the same roof. At SA, this future began a long time ago.


SArangerWS - grid
What do SA speakers have in common with most of the world's film productions?
What does the bulk of your music collection have in common with SA?
What does SA have in common with the world's most innovative and expensive speakers?
What does SA have in common with the world's most expensive cables used in operations on the human body?
Does SA have anything in common with the acousticians who have created the world's best concert halls?
We have a lot in common. 
The companies developing technologies and sound for the above purposes are also involved in the development at SA.
It is unique for a loudspeaker brand to be able to gather so much know-how in each product

The world's best developers

Every SA speaker begins with our own ambition to delight more people with better sound. All our speakers are assembled in our own factory in Denmark and approved by employees who put their signature on each product. But the development and production of the advanced acoustic, mechanical and electrical components takes place at world-leading specialist companies located in the USA, Europe or the Far East. SA is possibly the only loudspeaker brand to have embraced globalisation in such an ambitious way. Ask yourself: who is behind the technologies in SA speakers? SA does. There are no speakers quite like ours. The developers behind the studio speakers of the world, who created the sound of the majority of your music collection, also have a stake in the sound of SA. The companies behind the sound on most of the world's film productions also do development for SA. People behind some of the world's most advanced speakers are doing projects for us. Even the cables inside the speakers - or the plugs on the back - are made by companies that do nothing else. One of the world's oldest loudspeaker consultancies, founded in 1926, and which bears much of the credit for the existence of loudspeakers in this world, is involved in development projects for SA.
System Audio A/S is not a company that "closes in on itself", in an outdated view of the world around us. We are constantly in search of new knowledge that will provide better experiences for our customers.
SA ranger white verticalBy looking like a discreet exclamation mark, the SA ranger draws attention to itself

The best speakers for your home

Creating the best speakers for private homes involves some specialised tasks that cannot be solved by one company alone.
Yet SA is one of the only loudspeaker brands that dares to break with an old-fashioned principle that a factory should make everything itself.
We'd rather delight our users with better sound.
SA W1104XL bass speaker:

An almost unimaginable achievement

The little woofer needs to be experienced before you really believe it. The W1104XL is the first woofer that, at just 10.4 cm, can deliver a truly deep and rich bass response. A technological feat that benefits your music experience.
With the W1104XL woofer, SA passes a milestone. Small woofers have advantages that large woofers lack. Their light membranes sound more lifelike and their small membrane diameter has a superior sound dispersion. Bass reproduction is about the speaker's ability to move air, and here a small diaphragm has to move significantly more to move the same air as a larger diaphragm. The challenge is to increase the movement of the diaphragm, and on this point the W1104XL outperforms any other bass speaker of the same size.

woofer W1104XL front
woofer W1104XL side
ill. W1104XL woofer

Cast in a solid aluminium chassis is the powerful engine system,
that brings big sound out of the small speaker


SA-XL logo

XL technology means that the woofer has an Extra Long stroke system
(extra long stroke). Only available in SA speakers.


    • The diaphragm has a mobility that is 3-5 times greater than that of a conventional woofer
    • Incredibly durable construction, both mechanically and electrically
    • The specially designed membrane weighs just 0.8 grams and is made of a paper-like material
    • Cast aluminium chassis designed for high air flow
    • Dissipation of heat through cooling ducts
    • Voice coil wound on fibreglass
    • Magnetic system with built-in metal rings that reduce distortion
    • XL technology only available in SA speakers


DiskSA T2506XS2 anode speaker:

The finest nuances of sound emerge here

Acoustics, precision engineering and musicality come together in the T2506XS2 tweeter, delivering a stunningly nuanced reproduction of sound detail. With a diaphragm weight of just 80mg, the near-transparent diaphragm is possibly the lightest ever made.

tweeter T2506XS2 front

ill. T2506XS2

Behind the cast aluminium faceplate, the incredibly lightweight membrane sits in its own chamber


SA-XS logo

XS technology gives you more consistent sound quality wherever you are in the room
  • XS technology means that a wave guide around the tweeter controls the sound dispersion so that it doesn't reflect off the cabinet faceplate and edges. The wave guide is an advanced acoustic solution that directs sound waves away from obstacles - simplifying the tweeter's electronic circuitry for improved sound quality
  • XS technology also ensures that the tweeter radiates sound over a larger area than any traditional tweeter. You can move around, or sit in different places, and still experience consistent sound quality throughout the room. Conventional tweeters radiate the highest notes in a narrow beam, requiring you to sit directly in front of the speaker to get the full experience. XS technology increases the area in front of the speakers where you can experience optimal sound quality
  • A 12 mm cast aluminium faceplate provides a vibration-free foundation for the tweeter's delivery of information that can require precise diaphragm movements as small as 0.0005 mm!!
  • Unique textile membrane weighs only 80 mg - perhaps the lightest ever made
  • Built-in separate chamber behind the diaphragm
  • Resonances caused by are eliminated by means of three small blocks of different material that can be seen through the almost transparent membrane
  • The T2506XS2 tweeter is magnetically shielded
  • XS technology only available in SA speakers


Solid connection terminals on the back of the speaker provide easy access to all types of cables, and allow biwiring or biamping.
The speaker's crossover circuitry is mounted on the inside connection plate.
  • Speaker dimensions: (WxHxD) cm 13 x 116 x 32
  • Load capacity: 300 Watt
  • Frequency range: 40 - 35.000 Hz (+/- 1.5 dB)
  • Impedance: 4-8 ohm

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