SA legend 10 silverback

SA legend 10 silverback

Our most powerful center channel speaker ever

Now you can enjoy our award-winning sound from an elegant and active center speaker.

Our most powerful center channel speaker ever

Now you can enjoy our award-winning sound from an elegant and active center speaker.

The SA legend 10 silverback is a speaker that delivers superb sound for both music and home theater.

It was previously impossible to create big experiences with a small speaker, but with silverback technology, it's finally possible.

Enjoy great audio experiences from a discrete and elegant loudspeaker. If you wish, the speaker can operate wirelessly by purchasing the Stereo Hub control center.

Technology in the service of music

The SA legend 10 silverback sets new standards in audio experience thanks to its built-in silverback technology. Inside each speaker are three digital amplifiers with a total power output of 225 watts. Each amplifier drives its own driver unit and is specially specified to optimize the sound reproduction from that particular unit.

There are no passive components in the speaker, but a digital electronic crossover that gently processes the sound without limiting or altering it. You hear only the original sound, pure and unadulterated.

The built-in digital signal processor (DSP) recreates the deepest tones of the sound, so our human ears experience the full sound, even when we play low.

This is not possible to achieve with traditional speaker technology, but is amazing to finally experience all the nuances of the sound even when listening to background music.

Silverback technology is responsible for this breakthrough and the result is a fantastic upgrade of your music experience.

A new level of sound experience

The SA legend 10 silverback belongs to a new generation of loudspeakers that offer greater sound experiences than previously possible with traditional technology.

With digital signal processing, the speaker is not only free of analog circuits that manipulate the nuances and dynamics of the sound.

The digital signal processing also improve the quality of the sound, so you experience a natural authenticity and energy that captures you into the experience.

Becomes a wireless music system with Stereo Hub

The SA legend 10 silverback turns into a complete wireless music system when you add the Stereo Hub digital control unit.

The Stereo Hub brings together all your audio sources, from smartphone, turntable, TV, music server, CD player and more, and connects them simply and wirelessly to the SA legend 10 silverback using the world's leading wireless signal transmission technology: WiSA.

With Stereo Hub you don’t have loudspeaker cables in your living room and you have more freedom than ever before to place your speakers wherever you want.

Together with the Stereo Hub, the SA legend 10 silverback easily becomes part of a multi-room system where your smartphone controls music and entertainment in multiple rooms. Voice control is also part of the Stereo Hub interface. You decide whether you want to control the sound with a click or words.

Too unique to label

Use the SA legend 10 silverback in your music system or home theater, where it can act as a front, center or rear speaker.

You decide whether to place the speaker horizontally or vertically on the wall.

Packing materials include front grilles that works with both positions.

The exclusive finish of the cabinet is available in both white and black. The same applies to the fabric frame, which is initially available in the same color shade as the cabinet.

Note the discreet strip of real walnut that surrounds the front of the speaker.

Prepared for digital wireless home theater

The SA legend 10 silverback is prepared from birth to be part of a wireless digital 7.1 home theater.

It only requires that you connect the speaker with the click of a button according to its position in the home theatre (rear speaker, center or surround speaker etc.) In this simple way, you set-up a wireless cinema with up to 8 speakers.

In this simple way, you set-up a wireless cinema with up to 8 speakers.

We made great speakers before we made them wireless

The key difference between SA and other brands is that we have roots in music.

This means that we work purposefully with the sound and test our speakers in many ways to ensure that it is just right.

We have a large group of musicians and music lovers to test our speakers. Their task is to test the speakers with a lot of music and styles.

For example, they test whether it is easy to follow the rhythm of the music. They notice whether singing voices are presented with the right glow and presence.

With us, sound has the last word.

Let's take a look at the woofer

There's no woofer quite like the one in the SA legend 10 silverback. Here you'll find the main reason for the speaker's incredibly big sound. The diaphragm can move 40% more than normal, giving you deeper bass and fuller sound than other speakers of the same size.

The membrane is made of carbon fiber.

The lightweight material helps make the sound clearer and more vibrant, and you get a clear sense of being close to the music.

Fills the room with sound

The tweeter in SA legend 5.2 silverback is newly developed with the patented DTX acoustic lens. This means that the sound covers the entire room. You do not have to sit in a certain place to get the best experience.

The extremely lightweight diaphragm makes the sound delicate and nuanced at the same time, so you never miss out on the magic of sound.

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SA legend 10 silverback - Technical specifications

Total amplifier power: 225 Watt (3-way active. Three amplifiers in each speaker) Frequency range: 35-25.000 Hz (+/- 1.5 dB) Analog input: Balanced and unbalanced XLR Tweeter: Legend DXT Bass speakers: 2 x Legend 15/6 Principle: Active 3-way, closed Upgradeable DSP: Yes Built-in WiSA receiver: Yes Prepared for wireless (up to) 7.1 home theater: Yes Input voltage: 100-240 Volt Packaged: Piece by piece Dimensions (WxHxD) cm: 50.4x19x26.5 Recommended placement: Shelf, wall or stand Finish: White or black satin Color of front grille: Same color shade as the speaker cabinet Built-in wall brackets: Yes Included: front grille for horizontal placement Optional: front grille in black or white  

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