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Less and more

System Audio speakers begin with a dilemma.

Users don't want speakers to dominate their home. But speakers sound best when they are relatively close to the user.

It takes a relatively large speaker to convey all the notes in music. But few people want big speakers.

Add to that the fact that no one likes wires and appliances. But there's no other way to listen to music if you're not exactly singing yourself.

Any electronics manufacturer can build a small plastic wireless speaker and write in the ad text that they have met the challenge of the speaker for the modern age.

Many are hypnotized by it, but our users are discerning music lovers who know the authentic sound.

They don't just read the ads. They try out the speakers themselves before making their choice.

So what do we do?

We build our speakers with a quality that stands out from the crowd. And we design them to be modern well into the future.

We tailor modern technology to make the speaker both smaller and better at the same time. This way, you experience all the tones of the music from a speaker that is three times smaller than it would be with traditional technology.

We've removed the speaker wires and made the speaker wireless. And we've integrated it all so you don't have to look at devices you don't use.

The masterpiece is our work with sound. Rooted in music, we understand that perfectly balanced audio experiences require more than just technology.

Sound is an invisible craft that is only perfect when you experience the artist's talent unfold in your home and the speaker doesn't subtract or add anything.

It requires an awareness of all materials and how they interact with each other.

Our art is to create a synthesis of sound, design and technology.

We want our users to experience a sense of ease when operating our products. We want them to feel confident and in control.

For us, simplicity doesn't mean the absence of anything. Quite the contrary. Simplicity means that we handle far more complex and important features than traditional products offer.

We just don't expect the user to have undergone extensive training to understand our product. We take care of the complexity, while the user just sees a button.

For example, Silverback adapts the sound of the speaker to the acoustics of the living room. It optimizes the sound for our hearing, so we hear all the notes of the music, even if the speakers are playing low.

The system updates itself automatically and we could make a long list of all the things you don't need to worry about.

We were able to share how our technologies use less power and fewer resources than traditional audio products.

But we'll stop here.

You've read how we challenge convention to do more with less. Experience our speakers with your own ears and compare them to other brands.

We think we'll see you again.

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Ole Witthøft
Ole is the founder of System Audio. His 3 greatest passions are music, design and technology. Every day, Ole is working on some kind of projects, and you find him in the workshop, in the production, behind a computer or on one of his many presentations around the world.

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