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What is WiSA?

It is the only wireless standard designed for high-quality audio transmission.

There are several major benefits of WiSA

WiSA transmits the sound in a high quality identical to that used in studios to record music and movies.

Secondly, the transfer is lossless. This is a revolution! The sound quality is comparable to any high-end cable, just without the cable. It doesn't matter if there is 8 meters or 1 meter between your speakers and the equipment. Speakers receive the sound in the same high quality even when the distance is relatively long. This allows you to decorate your living room the way you want without compromising your audio experience.

What's more, WiSA is a standard supported by more than 70 brands, meaning you can connect different devices from different brands to each other when they use WiSA. At System Audio, our Silverback speakers are WiSA certified.

You can set up a wireless home theater with up to 8 speakers and Dolby Atmos. Just make sure your devices support WiSA and you can build a home theater without a bunch of cables, without a surround receiver, DVD or BluRay, and with just a flat screen, wireless speakers, a smartphone and the Surround Hub (or similar).

An obvious advantage of WiSA is that it connects devices directly to each other. You don't use up the bandwidth of your WiFi network, you don't risk audio dropouts when you have devices using WiSA.

Choosing equipment with WiSA is a wise decision.

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Ole Witthøft
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