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Get extra oomph for your sound

The SA saxo sub 10 active subwoofer has been upgraded and is now even more awe-inspiring than before. It has a newly developed and powerful class D amplifier that is 50% more powerful than the previous one. The sound gives you a surprising oomph and the price is even the same as before.

You get big sound when you use SA saxo sub 10. In the home cinema, it's your rock-solid powerhouse, making movie earthquakes completely realistic. You instinctively drag your feet when you hear the dinosaur come stomping and a passing spaceship can be felt in your diaphragm. But this subwoofer does more than that.

You can use it in your music system. Together with the 25 cm woofer, the built-in, noise-free amplifier delivers dynamic and accurate reproduction of music's deep tones.

The bass drum gets the right kick and the bass notes are warm and alive in the room.

Designed with listening tests

It is one of the few subwoofers that have been sound tested. That means we've worked with the sound to make the subwoofer sound good with music. Making the subwoofer's sound flow with the rest of the music requires special precision, and this can be achieved by using listening tests in the development work.

What you use an active subwoofer for

You need an active subwoofer if you want a true home cinema. The deep tones of movies (explosions, earthquakes, etc.) are on a separate track, which the subwoofer is specially designed to reproduce.

Subwoofers have not been good enough for music, but it has SA saxo sub 10 has helped to change that. The sound from ordinary subwoofers isn't exactly enough to flow with the music.

The result is a dull boooom effect that overpowers the sound, making all bass instruments sound the same. The construction of the SA saxo sub 10 emphasizes precision and in this way the bass tones fit with the rest of the music.

See SA saxo sub 10 here

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