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Here is the speaker listening to the futurologists

Futurologists point to the need for our society to make a movement they call "from more to better".


We don't need more kitchen equipment. We need better kitchen equipment.

We don't need more leaders. We need better leaders.

We don't need more food. We need better food.

We don't need more holidays. We need better vacations.

You catch it

The "from more to better" movement is thus about daring to opt out ... about saying no thanks, not me ... about not filling your time and life with crap, but using your resources on things that have value.

For me, it is sad to see one anonymous mega-market after another springing up.

It should be no secret

The agenda of mega-stores is to sell crap that neither pleases nor lasts. They drain the planet of resources and fill it with waste.

But the solution is not to stop the world, because we trade with each other for a living... and enjoy relative peace because we don't hit the people we trade with.

The solution is to go from more to better

Above is a speaker from our upcoming SA legend family.

These are speakers that can update the sound, etc. using software (read about the idea here, in an easy and non-technical language)

Not buy and throw away, but buy and upgrade.

So today you don't go down to Harald Nyborg and buy a garden radio for 399 euros for the allotment garden.

Instead, you put the $399 under your pillow and save up for better speakers in your living room.

SA legend is coming in 2018.

What does 'from more to better' mean to you?

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Ole Witthøft
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