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Tell us your honest opinion about a speaker

We're on the way with a family of ambitious wireless active speakers. Development work is progressing and nownow we're curious to hear what you think about the sound.

Haven't you heard about the new wireless speakers before? Get introduced to them here

Currently, we have the smallest of the floorstanding speakers in the listening room in Roskilde.

We have 174 test pilots (musicians, studio engineers and music lovers) helping us test our speakers, and now we'd like to invite you in too.

We don't give you money for your trial listening, but you do get an exciting glimpse into the future.

The speaker model in the test is called SA legend 40 silverback and you get a clear impression of its potential, even though it's a prototype.

The SA legend 40 silverback is a floorstanding speaker that has 4 built-in amplifiers with a total power of 300 Watts in each speaker.

We expect the final price to be around DKK 35 - 42,000 for a pair.

The price includes: 2 speakers, a wireless hub and a remote control.

All in all, a high-end wireless music system consisting of two speakers.

The SA legend silverback family will have a total of 6 members.

Why the speakers are special

Silverback technology is 100% digital, giving it amazing technical capabilities not found in conventional speakers.

SA legend 40 silverback:

  • Works linearly down to 20 Hz. It has an incredibly deep bass
  • Compensates for the sensitivity curve of the ear so you hear the bass even when playing low
  • Features an electronic digital crossover, completely free of phase errors and losses. This gives an extremely wide and nuanced soundstage
  • Has a frequency response from 20 - 20,000 Hz +/- 1 dB for an incredibly lifelike sound balance
  • Is constantly monitored by the electronics so that, for example, the speaker cannot break
  • Features specially designed drivers. For example, the woofers have a 40% longer excursion compared to standard woofers

What you can experience

The test setup consists of 1 pair of SA legend 40 silverback connected to a Primare PRE32 preamplifier (via the balanced input of the speaker) and a Primare I32 CD player.

The test is not wireless at this stage, so I would recommend that you bring your own CDs.

What you need to do now

The test will run on weekdays in week 44 from 9:00 to 16:00.

Write an email (click here) and book an appointment.

Bring your own CDs.

Drop by for an hour and share your impressions with us.

Hope to see you.

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Ole Witthøft
Ole is the founder of System Audio. His 3 greatest passions are music, design and technology. Every day, Ole is working on some kind of projects, and you find him in the workshop, in the production, behind a computer or on one of his many presentations around the world.
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