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Finally: Top-class sound has become cheaper (and wireless!)

Enjoy music in the best audio quality, without having your living room invaded by cables and equipment and without spending a fortune.

Until now, you have only had one way to enjoy music in the best audio quality in your home: Buy an expensive music system with exotic equipment, custom-built cables and special loudspeakers

Now, there is a new way to great music experiences. It's simple, easy to live with ... not to mention: cheaper than a High End music system.

Digital, wireless speakers from System Audio

SA’s legend silverback family of digital wireless speakers represents a technological breakthrough, which uses the devices you’re already familiar with.

All you need to experience your favorite music in amazing High Definition is a smartphone, a pair of silverback wireless speakers and a small digital control unit. Nothing else.

No amplifier or stacks of source components or speaker cables. Not only is a SA legend silverback solution significantly more affordable than a conventional high-end music system, it’s also up to 80% more energy efficient.




SA legend 40 silverback speaker has achieved Product of the Year in Norway, Wireless Speaker of the Year in Germany, received the respected Diapason d'Or in France and has risen above all international rivals to win the Expert Imaging and Sound Association (EISA) Award for Best Wireless Floorstanding Speaker.

SA legend 5 silverback has won the prestigious EISA Award for Best Wireless Speaker and Product of the Year.

Everyone in the family can use them

With SA’s legend silverback system, any family member can enjoy high quality music reproduction from their favorite online sources, including digital streams and radio. All you need is a smartphone or tablet and the apps you use every day. You don’t need to learn how to operate a new user interface.

Stream your music with Chromecast from your Android or with Airplay from your Apple device. Both technologies are already integrated with your smartphone and provide better sound quality than CD.

You can also stream using Bluetooth or Spotify Connect, which are both easy to use.


Many connectivity options

Even though he world's entertainment has moved to the internet, music lovers still enjoy vinyl and CDs, or high-resolution music from their computer or server. All these formats require audio that is transmitted through a cable.

Stereo Hub is the digital control unit that acts as the meeting point for all devices that use a cable.

This means you do not need to abandon traditional audio formats when upgrading to digital and wireless speakers.

In fact, you’ll get more out of them than ever before.

Stereo Hub also receives audio from your TV, so now you can enjoy full-range sound from TV broadcasts and movie streams through your silverback speakers with far greater impact than ever before.

With the SA legend silverback system and Stereo Hub, you’ll get ALL the sound from the widest range of sources:

  • Your Apple Product (Wirelessly via Airplay or Chromecast)
  • Your Android product (wirelessly via Chromecast)
  • Your turntable (via external turntable amplifier)
  • Your CD (coax or analog input)
  • Your computer or server (USB Audio)
  • Your TV (HDMI ARC or optical input)
  • Bluetooth
  • Spotify Connect (and HiFi)

A living room without speaker cables and hi-fi equipment, but filled with great music experiences

Almost invisible

Stereo Hub does not have to be seen to be heard. You can hide it away if you want to.

The remote control connects using radio frequencies, so you don’t have to point with it to control the sound.

In fact, you can be up to 20 meters away (even in a completely different room) and still adjust volume, etc.

Stereo Hub joins your network using the Google Home app the first time you connect it.

In this way, your SA legend silverback music system becomes integrated with your smart home network, which controls, for example, light, ventilation and entertainment in all of your rooms.

With Google Assist, you can even operate the system with your voice.

What’s more, all SA legend silverback speakers are ready to be part of a wireless 7.1 channel home theater system, offering the option of uncompressed 24/96 high-definition audio quality.

All these options let you experience music and movies the way you want, with great sound quality.

All of these choices allow you to experience music and movies the way you want to, in amazing sound quality.


A little about the background of SA legend silverback

Today, we can stream music from our smartphones in higher quality and with greater convenience than was ever possible through physical media.

Hundreds of millions of songs are available through streaming services and several of them deliver music in higher resolutions than CD and vinyl.

When combined, the Internet and our Wi-Fi can transport all the data required for music to arrive in our living rooms with all its frequencies intact.

To enjoy this rhythmically rich, full-frequency experience, you’ll need to upgrade traditional analog equipment, speakers and cables.

SA legend silverback is that upgrade.


The biggest technological breakthrough in audio in 40 years

Until now, great audio experiences have been available only to those willing to invest a lot of money in a high-end music system.

And the expense is only the beginning. High-end system building also requires the knowledge and time needed to test combinations of components - cables for instance - to achieve the best result.

However, these experiments will only end in a compromise because, as hi-fi afficionados have always understood, the perfect cable does not exist. So, when it comes to analog technology, the best compromise is also the biggest limitation.

Digital technology is more uncompromising.

  • Using WiSA technology we can transmit the music signal wirelessly and digitally in high definition without losing musical information and completely without changing the sound (unlike cables in an analog music system)
  • SA legend silverback speakers have up to four built-in amplifiers in each speaker with a combined power of up to 560W
  • SA legend silverback speakers have up to four built-in amplifiers in each speaker with a combined power of up to 560W
  • Each amplifier is custom-tailored to drive each speaker element with the greatest efficiency
  • With the aid of Digital Signal Processing, we can extend the speaker's frequency range so that it reproduces a wider range of notes than a typical passive speaker
  • The control of digital technology ensures that you hear all the instruments making up the music, even when you play at low volume
  • With SA Room Service we can adapt the speaker’s sound to the acoustics of the room, giving you a more authentic music experience.

Digitalization technology as represented by the SA legend silverback range is the biggest upgrade in audio quality for 40 years.

No other technology has delivered greater improvements in sound quality, convenience, and price.

People who love great sound have been waiting for this moment since the advent of digital recording in the 80s.

Now you can experience it all through your own ears.

See the entire SA legend silverback family of wireless speakers

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