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This is (perhaps) the biggest news since the speaker

100 years ago, the loudspeaker brought music into people's living rooms, along with a chaos of devices, wires and buttons.

Now we have cleaned up the chaos.

We have removed the cables and the devices. We've moved the important electronics into the speaker and upgraded and digitised everything.

Now you meet (for the first time) a new and better way to have a music system.

SA legend 40 silverback. A musical powerhouse with 4 amplifiers built into each speaker


Two speakers. Nothing else

SA legend silverback is a family of wireless speakerswhere you only need the speakers to have a complete music system.

The music itself is sent wirelessly to the speakers from your mobile phone, for example, but it can also come from your tablet and computer .... Yes, or turntable and CD.

You choose.

The important thing is that the living room is now free of appliances (that you don't need) and the speakers are finally made free of cables.

Cables are now replaced by a wireless signal that's as good as the world's best cable.

The speakers only need power.

SA legend 5 silverback is the smallest model. People replacing their big old floorstanding speakers will get a better music experience here than with the old floorstanding speakers.


We are serious when we refuse to see the smartness in restrictions

Too many technological solutions don't work with each other.

Instead, they restrict people and build unnecessary walls.

We want to do away with that, so we've put a lot of technologies into our system that make them mostly open.

We have built-in Airplay for your Apple.

Chromecast for your Android.

But also:

* Bluetooth

* DLNA (music on your network)

* USB Audio

* 24 bit /192 kHz

* Spotify Connect

Yes and HDMI (ARC), so you can use the speakers with your TV.

Now not everything in this world is wireless

So if you have appliances that use wires, read on.

Your record player, CD, games console - what have you? - you connect to our little hub, which sends the sound to the speakers. Wirelessly.

It couldn't be easier.

Speaking of wireless

Then our wireless signal is called WiSA.

And you shouldn't worry about that.

It only means that the speakers in SA legend silverback family work with e.g. Bang & Olufsen, LG, Pioneer, Onkyo, TEAC, Primare and many other brands. Wireless

WiSA also means we transmit the best quality wireless signal available.

24 bit / 96 kHz. High Definition.

Buttons on the back of the speaker show that it is prepared for any position in a wireless home cinema


Everyone in the family is prepared for digital wireless home cinema

Your SA legend silverback is prepared from birth to be part of a wireless digital 7.1 home cinema system, should you want it. All you need to do is tell the speaker to act as a left rear speaker or a right surround speaker, etc., at the click of a button.

And that's the easy way to build a wireless home cinema with up to 8 speakers.

In other words, don't sell your speakers because you want a home cinema. You build on what you have and assign the speakers a place in your home cinema at the touch of a button.

All SA legend silverbacks are prepared for this function.

Party on. The speakers won't break

You can party with your SA legend silverback. They can play incredibly loud and a safety circuit constantly monitors the speaker to make sure it doesn't break.

All speakers can be set to mono at the touch of a button. This is handy, for example, when you have guests and want music in both the kitchen and the living room.

You just move one of the speakers (it's wireless) and set it to mono. Then you get all the music delivered through that one speaker. Smart and simple.

We have given the technology a name: Silverback

A technology that opens doors that were previously closed needs a name.

That's why we came up with silverback. Ruler of the Jungle.

In addition to its innovative features, the silverback should be seen as a musical powerhouse.

The means that the speaker has built-in:

  • Up to 4 digital reference amplifiers
  • A total power of up to 300 watts in each speaker
  • Digital electronic sub-filter (with FIR and IIR filters)
  • DSP and an adaptive bass system
  • Balanced XLR input
  • 24 bit/ 96 kHz High Definition sound quality
  • USB port for updating audio

Hear all the music even if you play it low

One disadvantage of traditional speakers is that you have to play relatively loud to hear all the instruments. This is due to a limitation in human hearing that makes it difficult to hear, for example, bass when listening to background music.

We've solved that with silverback.

Silverback compensates for the tones we can't hear when the volume is low. For the first time, you'll hear a big, rich sound even if you're only listening to background music. It's a liberating experience.

Remote control responds again

The remote control is a further development of the traditional remote control.

Our remote control:

  • Is simple (has only a few buttons)
  • Transmitter with radio waves (you don't have to point it)
  • Lights up when you pick it up (showing what you've activated)

Stereo Hub: Receives everything and sends it wirelessly

The Hub is the hub for all your audio sources, both wireless and wired. You can hide it away completely if you want. It doesn't need to be in a visible place.

But if you have a TV, a CD or a turntable (all of which are wired), you simply connect them to the hub.

Then it transmits the signal wirelessly without loss.

The Stereo Hub is equipped with:

  • 3 x optical inputs
  • 1 x coax
  • 1 x minijack
  • 1 x RCA
  • Airplay
  • Chromecast
  • Bluetooth
  • DLNA
  • USB Audio
  • 24 bit / 192 kHz
  • HDMI (ARC)
  • Spotify Connect (and HiFi)

Work started far from the wireless world

We started making great speakers before we made them wireless.

Building a speaker that delivers a musical experience is a craft, and technological advances haven't changed that.

For example, we designed a new woofer with 40% longer excursion to get the full benefit of the upgraded amps.

We tested different materials and fell in love with the lifelike sound of the fibre membrane. We sound-tested all solutions, tried all musical genres and created an overwhelmingly natural and vivid experience.

Lighter than a feather

The tweeter features a further development of a patented DTX lens.

It's great for filling your living room with sound. So you can be wherever you want and still enjoy the music. The great sound is not focused to one specific place in the living room.

The finest details of the music are rendered by an ultra-light membrane that's actually lighter than a feather.

That way we make sure you hear all the nuances of the music.

SA legend silverback is a new way of thinking about speakers.

For the first time you'll see technologies put together in a way... where technology, simplicity and amazing high definition music experiences are all in one product.

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