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Best active speakers - what to look out for?

Try to think back to the golden years of hi-fi sound in the 70s and 80s - and then imagine the prototype of a hi-fi system. What do you see?

Most likely a rack with turntable, radio and tape recorder connected to a substantial amplifier - and maybe even both a pre and power amp. And of course it's all connected to a pair of pompous floor-standing speakers the size of a 10-year-old child.

Today, digital audio formats like FLAC and WAV have largely replaced turntables, tape recorders and radio - although some still swear by the analogue formats. And with the arrival of active speakers, the amplifier is also disappearing from the hi-fi system.

But is the extra space in the living room really worth the purchase? What should you look out for in active speakers? And where can you find the best ones?

Advantages of active speakers


Active speakers - that is, speakers with built-in amplifiers - have not only created more space around the hi-fi system. Active speakers also have quality advantages.

For example, System Audio strives to match amplifier and speaker elements, so with the right active speakers you get a more cohesive sound experience.


What you should be aware of


However, the disadvantage of an active speaker is that you don't have the same ability to adjust the parameters that can affect your personal listening experience. Therefore, it does not matter which active speakers you choose if you want to be sure of good sound.

At System Audio, we've put both sound and practicality first in the development of our active speakers. This saves you the space that an external amplifier would take up - without compromising on sound.

Feel free to contact us if you want to know more about active speakers.


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