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Aarhus: Experience wireless speakers on March 23, 18-20

Silverback has won the prestigious EISA Award for the world's best wireless speakers three years in a row. Now you are invited to Scala Hifi for an evening with the fantastic speakers and not least the new Silverback Sub Solo, Silverbar and Silverback 1.

My good colleague Henrik Høxbro and I present Silverback and answer questions:

Scala Hifi

Søren Frichs Vej 52

8230 Aarhus

At 18.00 - 20.00

Registration is required at: aarhus@scalahifi.dk (please include your name and phone number in the email)

No wires - no worries

SA legend silverback is System Audio's family of active and wireless high-end speakers. They are designed for great music experiences and are simple to live with.

Silverback is available as floorstanding, compact, centre and wall speakers.

Do you like music but don't want too many boxes in your living room?

Do you love great sound but find it complicated to choose components that go together?

Tired of tangled cables and lots of buttons?

Then Silverback are perfect speakers for you. With only two speakers and the small wireless transmitter that can be stored away, you have a complete stereo system with streaming, TV sound and many digital and analogue connectivity options.

The speakers are simple to set up and just as simple to use.

The sound quality is uncompromising. With an amplifier for each element (up to 4 built-in amplifiers in each speaker!), Silverback plays with steel control, and the digital signal processor helps to create an incredibly deep and precise bass, which is not possible with a traditional HiFi system.

All Silverback speakers can be part of a wireless home cinema with High Definition sound quality and Dolby Atmos if you want.

In the Silverback universe, the music experience sets new standards. Here, a speaker plays deep bass down to a sensational 20 Hz. That's true even when you're playing low. There's free room correction that adjusts the speaker's sound to the room's acoustics. You can update the speaker's sound as System Audio discovers new avenues for even better experiences, and SA Cockpit (free app) can fine-tune the sound to be exactly how you want it.  

Come to Scala Hifi and get a surprise.

SA legend 7.2 silverback

A unique and uncompromising active speaker for wall mounting. Here you get placement-friendly High End sound with a bass reproduction you won't believe is possible in the slim cabinet.

With the Wireless Stereo Hub, you can easily stream music from your phone or tablet, hear wireless audio from TV with HDMI ARC or enjoy analogue sound from your turntable. Available in black or white.

SA legend 40.2 silverback

Won the EISA award in 21/22. Here you get High End sound without compromise in a compact and living room friendly floorstanding speaker.

SA legend 5.2 silverback

Compact and uncompromising wireless speaker, which was awarded Best Wireless Speaker of the Year 20/21 by EISA.

SA legend 60.2 silverback

The top model lives a little in the shadow of her famous little siblings. But that's not entirely fair. The great Silverback is a pure and impressive music communicator.

SA legend 10.2 silverback

The almost unknown silverback. The 10.2 is waiting for its heyday, but is already in stock at System Audio in Roskilde. The 10.2 is a full-blooded silverback and can easily be used in a High End music system, but the format invites mostly to function as a center speaker, when the silverback will soon also be available as High Definition wireless home theater with Dolby Atmos.

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