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Wireless SA speaker top tested in Germany

SA legend 60 silverback scores 95 points (out of 100) in German test magazine and is the only wireless speaker in the High End category.

The German AUDIO magazine has just released a review of SA legend 60 silverback.

The words SOPHISTICATED TRANSFORMATION in the headline indicate that the speaker has 3 lives, as they call it.

It can be upgraded from:

* Passive to active
* Active to wireless active
* Wireless active (stereo) for wireless active 7.1 home theater with uncompressed audio

Bass at amazing 11 Hz !!

The magazine is impressed by the specification about the frequency response going down to 17 Hz (active version).

Therefore, the magazine makes a control measurement in their own laboratory.

The measurement shows a frequency response down to amazing 11 Hz and the reviewer noted: Dänen lügen nicht, Danes don’t lie.

Read the test

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