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Why people buy the wrong speakers (and how to avoid it)

If you love music, you would'nt want for a great orchestra to sound like a band of pixies, in your living room. You need great sound quality, but unfortunately, you have a problem.

That problem is finding speakers that are actually good enough. At System Audio we are constantly reminded that we are part of an industry not particularly keen on helping its clients.

Other industries do far better.

Your car, for example, has been thoroughly tested and graded with stars for the level of safety. Your refrigerator has been graded on its power consumption. Your house must come with a condition report.

Food is labelled for nutrition, and even a t-shirt sold at 5 Euro comes with a label showing what it is made of and how to wash it.

But when you're looking at a couple of plastic speakers selling at a few hundred Euros down at the mega-market, it is impossible to find out whether they worth even a single cent.

Because there is no label to define sound quality.

There is no system to let you know, what you are getting for your money. And you can be absolutely sure the mega-market will not help you with your choice, because sound quality is not on their agenda.

In the mega-market, a speaker is simply a speaker.


Fortunately, we have test magazines

They test all sorts of speakers, and their experts compare products and tell you how things really are.

We are incredibly proud that our wireless speakers have been awarded Speaker of the Year.

An updated test of wireless audio, just came out with 6 stars and the grading Specially Recommended for System Audio.

Our wireless speakers have twice received the grading "sehr gut" in Germany, placing them in "Oberklasse". And we are oberklasse happy about it.

A new test conducted in the United States stated that: "The SA saxo 5 active produced a surprisingly refined and elegant sound". Fine words in the world's most spoiled market.

Scandinavia's largest test magazine tested our beautiful pandion 30, awarding it the top grading Specially Recommended.

The SA pandion 30 speakers have just been tested in the United States and we are rejoicing at the statement: "Their Facebook page says ‘Cool Scandinavian loudspeakers’, and I have to agree".

We think that is pretty cool.

SA pandion 30 - Tone Audio - USA

30 years under the magnifying glass of the critics

It has now been 30 years since we summoned up the courage to allow a critic to write about our work for the first time.

We didn’t want to hide anything.

And we think it only fair to show you the experts' assessment of what we do.

In fact, we have created an overview on our website where you can see 144 reviews and test results.

Her bliver du snydt, når du køber højttalere

What to do now

You get a great music experience, when you have great speakers. That is how it works.

Unfortunately, mega-markets make a living selling useless plastic speakers, easily confused with the proper quality, since speakers are simply sold as speakers.

And you never notice the difference, until it is too late.

There are, however, test magazines and shops that take great sound seriously.

Believe me, visiting one of the shops is worth it.

They give you a chance to experience quality speakers with your own ears.

The stores may not be the world's largest, and they are definitely not shouting loud like the mega-markets.

They do, however, know that great sound means everything for the music.

Visit our website and enjoy the selection of gorgeous award winning speakers.

Ole Witthøft
Ole is the founder of System Audio. His 3 greatest passions are music, design and technology. Every day, Ole is working on some kind of projects, and you find him in the workshop, in the production, behind a computer or on one of his many presentations around the world.
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