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What people really want to know about wireless sound

The most asked question about wireless audio is about the quality of the wireless signal.

Most people know Bluetooth and Wifi and they like to know how good our technology is compared to them.

The short answer is: We use WiSA.

It is a High End solution in wireless technology that is 29 times better than Bluetooth (!). WiSA is a format that delivers High Definition sound and it’s as robust as a physical connection.

The technology delivers (in other words) a much higher quality than the solutions most people know.

Think of WiSA as a really good cable, but without the hassle of having it in your room.

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This makes WiSA different

Before this gets too technical, I’d like to invite you to look at the photo below.

It shows an analysis of a wireless network.

On the left side you see normal Wifi.

It shows a lot of mobile devices, tablets and computers competing with each other to get enough bandwidth for themselves. Users will have to expect limited speed and  a lack of stability because of this.

On the right side you see a red peak. It is the WiSA signal for our wireless speakers.

This is interesting because:

• WiSA works far away from the hectic trafic of Wifi. Silverback speakers don’t compete with smartphones, computers etc. about the capacity of the network. WiSA is an exclusive communication channel
• There is (virtually) no other data traffic in the area where WiSA operates. This means that the connection is as robust as a physical cable, but without the hassle of having it in the living room

WiSA does'nt take away capacity from your Wifi

Silverback speakers don’t use your wireless network.

They create their own direct connection from the Stereo Hub (or a similar WiSA transmitter) directly to the Silverback speakers.

You can actually use wireless Silverback speakers, without having Wifi in your home. This is because the WiSA components create a direct connection between each other that does’nt involve Wifi.

For example, you can use your TV, turntable, radio or CD with our wireless speakers, without having Wifi in the house.

WiSA is available in many brands

WiSA is an industry standard.

It means that you may connect WiSA devices wirelessly to each other even if they don’t come from the same brand.

For example, a flat screen from LG connects to your Silverback speakers via a simple USB Transmitter or AVR because they all support WiSA. The same goes for your Xbox. Primare works with SA because both have WiSA.

The technology connects the speakers in a 5.1 or 7.1 home theater and the sound is sparkling clear with uncompressed, 24-bit, 96 kHz audio - all without the use of a single speaker cable.

The list of benefits goes on and on.

Today, 60 brands support WiSA and the number is constantly increasing.

There are good reasons to look for the WiSA brand, the WiSA Ready and the WiSA Certified logos when you're looking for top class wireless audio products.

See our products with WiSA here.

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