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What is Stereo Hub? Read the story in 43 seconds

People sometimes ask complicated questions, but here are some simple answers.

Stereo Hub controls your audio devices and connects them wirelessly to your Silverback speakers.

That's the brief explanation of what Stereo Hub is. But that's not all.

For example, if you If you want to protect the music's high quality (24/96) all the way from the music streaming service online all the way to the drive units of the loudspeaker, without ever passing through an analog circuit, the answer is:

Stereo Hub

If you want a digital signal transmission without loss and drop-outs to let you concentrate on the music (and not the technology), the answer is:

Stereo Hub

If you want to connect your TV to wireless SA speakers, the answer is:

Stereo Hub

If you want to stream music with Chromecast, Airplay, Bluetooth and Spotify Connect without having all kinds of devices in your living room, the answer is:

Stereo Hub

If you want to avoid speaker cables in the living room, the answer is:

Stereo Hub

If you are tired of remote controls that you have to point directly at the device before they work, the answer is:

Stereo Hub

What I am trying to say is that Stereo Hub is very special.

There is no other hub (or any other device) that resembles it.

See Stereo Hub here

Stereo Hub is setup with the free Google Home app.

It means you get a free multi-room functionality.

Watch this short video to see how Google Home connects the devices in your home so everyone in the family is able to control and understand it.

Stereo Hub is designed for the digital and active SA legend silverback speakers. See them here

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