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This is (probably) the biggest news since the loudspeaker

100 years ago, the loudspeaker brought music into people's homes, along with a mess of equipment, cables and buttons.

Now we have cleaned up the mess.

We have removed the cables and the devices. We have moved vital electronics into the loudspeaker and upgraded and digitized everything.

For the first time, you can now enjoy a new and better way to live with a music system.

SA legend 40 silverback. A wireless musical power plant with 4 built-in amplifiers in each speaker


Two loudspeakers. That’s all

SA legend silverback is a family of wireless speakers, where you only need the speakers to have a complete music system.

The music itself is transmitted wirelessly to the speakers from eg. your mobile phone, but it can also come from your tablet and computer .... or turntable or CD.

It is your decision.

The important news is that your living room is now liberated from equipment (that you don’t need) and the loudspeakers are finally liberated from cables.

The cables are replaced by a wireless signal that is as good as the world's best cable.

The loudspeakers only need mains power.

SA legend 5 silverback is the smallest model. People who replace their big old-fashioned floor speakers with this get bigger and better sound experiences


We mean it seriously when we refuse to see anything clever in limitations

Too many technological solutions do not work together.

Instead, they limit people and build unnecessary walls.

We want to challenge that philosophy so we have put many technologies into our system to make it available for the most solutions.

We have built-in Airplay for your Apple.

Chromecast for your Android.

But also:

* Bluetooth

* DLNA (music on your network)

* USB Audio

* 24 bit /192 kHz

* Spotify Connect

Not to mention … HDMI (ARC) so you can use the speakers with your TV. Wirelessly.

Not everything is wireless. We know that

So if you have devices that use cables, just read on.

Your turntable, CD, game console - what have you? - connects easily to our hub that sends the sound signal to the loudspeakers. Wirelessly.

It can´t be any easier.

Now that we talk about wireless

Our wireless signal is called WiSA.

And you don’t have to think about it.

It only means that speakers in the SA legend silverback family connects easily with, for example, Bang & Olufsen, LG, Pioneer, Onkyo, TEAC, Primare and many other brands. Wirelessly.

WiSA also means that we transmit the best quality of wireless signal that you can get:

24 bit / 96 kHz. High Definition.


Buttons on the back. The speaker is prepared for any position in a wireless home theater

Every member in the family is prepared for digital wireless home theater

Your SA legend silverback is from day one prepared to enter into a world of wireless digital 7.1 home cinema, if you want it to. It only requires that you connect the speaker with the click of a button according to its position in the home theatre (left rear speaker, center or right surround speaker etc.)

In this simple way, you set-up a wireless cinema with up to 8 speakers.

In other words, don’t sell your speakers because you want a home theater. Build on what you have and assign each speakers according to its position in the home theater. All with the touch of a button.

Every member of the family is prepared for digital wireless home theater

Throw a party. The speakers won’t break

You can party with SA legend silverback. They are able to play immensely loud and a security circuit constantly monitors the speaker so it does’nt break.

All speakers will function in mono with the touch of a button. It is practical when you have guests and you want to enjoy music in the kitchen and in the living room.

You just move one of the speakers (it's wireless!) and set it to mono. Then you get the whole music delivered through one speaker. Smart and easy.

Or you may simply have more wireless speakers in a multi-room system controlled by your app.

The technology has a name: Silverback

A technology that opens doors that were previously closed should have a name.

That's why we invented silverback. The master of the jungle.

In addition to the innovative features, you may look at silverback as a musical power plant.

It means that a speaker has built-in:

  • Up to 4 digital reference amplifiers
  • A total power of up to 300 watts per speaker
  • Digital electronic crossover (with FIR and IIR filters)
  • DSP and an adaptive bass system
  • Balanced XLR input
  • 24 bit / 96 kHz High Definition audio quality
  • USB port for future sound updates

Hear the whole music, even when you play at low volume

One disadvantage of traditional speakers is that you have to play relatively loud to hear all the instruments. This is due to a limitation in the human hearing that makes us difficult to hear ex. bass when we hear background music.

We've solved it with silverback.

Silverback compensates for notes we can’t hear when the volume is low. For the first time, you hear a large and rich sound image, even when you only hear background music. It's a liberating experience.

The remote control talks back

The remote control is an upgrade of the traditional remote control and its limitations.

The remote control:

  • Is simple (it has only a few buttons)
  • Use radio frequency (you don’t need to point with it)
  • The functions light up when you pick it up (it tells you how it is activated)

The hub: Receives everything and resends it wirelessly

The hub is the focal point for all your audio sources, both the wireless and those with a cord. You can put it where you want. It does not have to be in a visible place.

But if you have a TV, a CD player or a turntable (that all works a cable) just connect them to the hub.

It will then resend the signal wirelessly without loss.

The hub has:

  • 3 x optical inputs
  • 1 x coax
  • 1 x minijack
  • 1 x RCA
  • Airplay
  • Chromecast
  • Bluetooth
  • DLNA
  • USB Audio
  • 24 bit / 192 kHz
  • HDMI (ARC)
  • Spotify Connect

The work started far from the wireless world

We created amazing speakers before we made them wireless.

It is a craft to build a speaker that delivers a musical experience, and the technological achievements have not changed this.

We have designed a new bass speaker with 40% longer stroke compared to a normal speaker, to get the full benefit of the silverback amplifiers.

We tested different materials and fell for the natural sound of the fiber membrane. We have listening tested everything and created an overwhelming musical and lifelike sound experience.

Lighter than a feather

The tweeter contains a new version of the patented DTX lens.

It fills your living room with sound. You can be anywhere you want and still enjoy the music. You don’t have to sit in any particular sweet spot.

The finest details of the music are reproduced by an ultra-light membrane that is actually lighter than a feather.

This is how we make sure that you hear all the nuances of music.

SA legend silverback is a new way to think about loudspeakers.

For the first time, you'll see technologies put together in a way ... where technology, simplicity and amazing high definition music experiences are gathered together in one product.

There are 5 speakers in the SA legend silverback family.

We will present two of them in the May, 2018.

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Ole Witthøft
Ole is the founder of System Audio. His 3 greatest passions are music, design and technology. Every day, Ole is working on some kind of projects, and you find him in the workshop, in the production, behind a computer or on one of his many presentations around the world.

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