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This is our most ambitious loudspeaker ever

The name is SA pandion 50 and this is the most extraordinary loudspeaker we've ever made. Everything about this loudspeaker is special, and we would like to invite you to experience it. 

The sound is 8-10 times cleaner than you normally hear from a loudspeaker. The music goes at least two octaves deeper than most people have ever heard and the great dynamism opens with a factor of 3 for the experience of presence.

It is (frankly) overwhelming what it does to music.

Of course we have much more exciting information for you, but right now you need to know two things:

1. The loudspeaker is in production and ready for delivery

2. It is manufactured in the following beautiful finishes: high-gloss black and satin white

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_60A4836 - small - cropped

Invents its own category

Normally, loudspeakers are divided in two categories: large and small. Large loudspeakers have their advantages, while small speakers offer other benefits. SA pandion 20 eliminates many of the limitations of both.

You need to buy large loudspeakers to enjoy music with deep bass, a big soundstage and great dynamics.

This is what people normally say.

On the other hand, small loudspeakers are often more musical and entertaining.

And therefore people have to choose.

Now, we present SA pandion 20. The loudspeaker that make up the limitations of small and large loudspeakers.

Thanks to the special cabinet and the specially designed woofer SA pandion 20 delivers a bass performance, that you've never heard from such a small loudspeaker.

Then add that the simple construction, makes the sound life-like and musical in a way that you usually only hear from small speakers.

SA pandion 20 provides an unforgettable music experience.

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_60A4886 - small - cropped

The best compact loudspeaker we have ever made

First, we created SA pandion 2 The first loudspeaker in the world developed in an open forum.

110 volunteer engineers worked with SA's development team to create a world-class loudspeaker and 25 musicians and studio engineers were used as test pilots.

Loudspeaker development have never been done like this before in the audio industry.

All technical drawings have been shared with nearly 100 enthusiasts who have made proposals for changes to the original speaker.

The ideas have been collected, tested, refined and further developed by SA's development team and the result is SA pandion 5.

An incredible accomplishment and an entertaining lodspeaker that conveys the music in a live and present way, and with a sound stage that goes far beyond the speaker's physical limitations.

There will be more news on the website about the new pandion speakers during the summer. You can also send a mail to

Need wonderful photos of the new SA pandion speakers? Click here.


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