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Tested on humans. Henrik is one of them

This is Henrik.

He is working.

Henrik is part of the SA design team and today he doing listening tests on some prototypes for a new speaker.

The listening test is extremely important, because this is where we adjust the sound to be perfectly in place.

Some think that a loudspeaker is only a piece of technology.

A pile of components that make sound.

This is not how we see things.

SA speakers are built to create music.

Energy, nerve, presence, rhythm, atmosphere and emotions.

Even with the best measuring equipment, we can’t measure a music experience.

We can’t put the musicality into a diagram.

But we can hear it.

We work with the sound of the loudspeaker, to get closer to the artist.

To hear the music completely.

In the design process, we often say that we are half way when technology works perfectly. Only halfway.

At this point, some believe that a loudspeaker won’t get any better when the technologies really work. So they stop the design process.

But we call it halfway.

And our work continues.

We make listening tests.

Adjust the small details of the sound.

We make more listening tests.

Adjust the sound again.

And suddenly one day it happens.

The music becomes alive and flows freely out of the loudspeakers.

Moments like these make SA speakers something special.

Our speakers are tested on humans.

That's why we have won quite a few awards.

See our family of speakers here.

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