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SA mantra 5 is going to rock your world

Prepare yourself for a surprise.

You may have heard a great compact loudspeaker once. You did'nt believe your eyes and your world was forever changed.
Since then, you have heard many great compact loudspeakers and you may not be so easily impressed anymore.
Until now.

Almost like a jewel case

SA mantra 5 is going to be a surprise.
We have taken as much as possible from the (breathtaking) SA pandion 2 and down-scaled it to a less expensive loudspeaker.
Holding the SA mantra 5 in your hands for the first time is impressive. It is really heavy!
It's just as wonderful as a small jewel case.

Big sound in a small loudspeaker

Together with Scan Speak, we have made a new 5" woofer and a new kind of bass reflex system. It has got an amazing bass performance and (to be honest) it can really handle a bad load of power without complaining.

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