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SA legend: No music lover can ignore this

We have never before experienced music and entertainment in so many ways as we do now. There have never been so many different media. Now, SA presents a family of loudspeakers for people who want a hassle-free life with technology. The speakers deliver extraordinary sound from all the new and old media. They are called: SA legend.

You need great loudspeakers to have amazing music experiences. Many people are aware of this. The great news is that incredible progress has been made in wireless technology, digital signal processing and sound research.

It means that:

  • Streaming services are able to deliver better sound than ex. CD
  • WiFi is able to handle large amounts of data
  • We know how to fill a room with sound
  • High Definition sound can be transferred wirelessly
  • New knowledge about sound can be integrated in new types of drive units

As music lovers, all this gives us new possibilities.

We can now experience amazing sound quality from new media that was not previously known for good sound. We can even get bigger music experiences with the old media.

To achieve that, we need to re-think the loudspeaker. Loudpeaker technology has fundamentally been the same for decades, while the rest of the technological world has moved ahead.

Now we upgrade the loudspeaker in a way that music lovers can't ignore.

We present:

  • Passive loudspeakers with better sound than ever before
  • Active loudspeakers with authentic musicality and an overwhelming bass
  • Wireless active loudspeakers for people looking for top-class sound and a hassle-free life with technology
  • Optional upgrading from one type to the other when you want
SA legend 5 is a passive bookshelf speaker that sound much bigger than it looks. It is also available in a digital active version called SA legend 5 silverback


The passive speakers: For the music lover, who already owns a high performance music system

If you already have a good music system, you should look at the passive speakers in the SA legend family.

They bring good news to anyone who likes authentic and engaging sound.

The newly developed woofers move 40% more air than normal, and the technology is taken directly from the exclusive SA pandion.

The new tweeter with the patented DXT acoustic lens is designed specifically for the SA legend.

Research shows that it is vital for our experience that the loudspeaker has a uniform power response.

It requires a new type of tweeter that can operate at a low crossover frequency, and that's precisely what we've created.

The music lovers will enjoy an extremely big sound stage with amazing musicality and overwhelmingly deep bass.

And not least: the optional upgrade of the speaker when you want.

SA legend 40 silverback is a power house with 4 built-in amplifiers in each speaker. The passive version is called SA legend 40


The digital active loudspeaker: For music lovers who want even better sound quality

In the digital active speaker, the passive crossover is replaced by (up to) 4 digital amplifiers with DSP and a digital crossover.

The speaker family is called SA legend silverback. You can buy the speaker in digital active version. You do not have to upgrade it yourself.

The speaker is connected with a cable to the preamplifier of music system. The speaker is then powered by the silverback amplifiers, which have a total power of up to 300 watts.

The digital active speaker has some advantages that no passive speaker is able to compete with.

It is due to the digital signal processing that optimizes new aspects of the music experience.

95 % of the time, most of us only listen to music at low volume. Unfortunately, this means that we never hear the deep notes of the music because of a limitation in our human hearing. Our digital active speaker can help us, and for the first time we hear a large and rich sound, even when you listen to background music. Wasn't it about time we took care of this?

There are other benefits:

  • The frequency response is expanded down 20 Hz when possible for the speaker
  • The sound is extremely clear and transparent. The digital crossover is lossless and it does'nt color the sound
  • The sound distribution is completely optimized. The sound stage is extremely precise
  • The frequency response is accurate down to +/- 1-1.5 dB and the sound is extremely natural
  • The loudspeaker is monitored by a security circuit and it is effectively protected

The digital active speaker overcomes many of the limitations found in a passive speaker.

It is even prepared to operate as digital wireless active.

The digital active wireless speaker: For the music lover who wants sublime music experiences and a hassle-free life with technology

The digital active wireless speaker has a (up to) 4 built-in digital amplifiers integrated in each speaker, a DSP and digital crossovers.

In addition, it has a hub and a remote control. The hub serves as a meeting point for all your audio sources, whether they are wired or wireless.

Two SA legend silverback speakers are a complete wireless music system that everyone in the family can operate.

You connect your devices to the hub. The hub automatically transmit the sound wirelessly to the speakers in High Definition quality (twice as good as a CD).

Therefore, you have full pleasure of your turntable, CD, computer, etc. when you enter the digital wireless universe. But you may also build a music system with just a smartphone and two speakers. It's up to you.

Connect your TV to the HDMI input of the hub and get wireless audio from your TV. The HDMI input is a so-called ARC, which means that you control the sound of the speakers with the remote control of the TV.

In addition, the hub can be put away. It does not need to stay in a visible place.

The hub has got these input options:

3 x optical inputs

1 x coax

1 x minijack

1 x RCA





USB Audio

24 bit / 192 kHz


Spotify Connect

The speakers communicate wirelessly with other devices

This is due to WiSA technology, which transmit the sound wirelessly from the hub to the speakers. WiSA is the best wireless technology in the world and it transmit audio in 24 bit / 96 kHz. High Definition.

WiSA is a standard. It means that if you have devices from Primare, Bang & Olufsen and more others, you can connect them wirelessly with your SA legend silverback speakers.

The speakers are a High Definition wireless music system

You can have just a smartphone and two loudspeakers. And nothing else. Streaming services now deliver the music in such high quality that you can realize the dream of high quality music experiences from just two speakers and a smartphone.

The remote control talks back

The remote control lights up when you pick it up. It shows you how its been adjusted and you never have to guess aabout that anymore. It works with radio waves, so you never have to point it towards a device.

How to get multi room sound

Download the free Google Home app and you can manage many speakers throughout the house. Our hub has built-in Chromecast, Airplay and Spotify Connect, which also opens up for music listening in multiple rooms. You can easily connect the speakers on your smartphone, tablet or computer and enjoy millions of songs.

And it does'nt need to stop here.

Build your own wireless home theater with SA legend silverback

A SA legend silverback is prepared to be a part of a (up to) 7.1 wireless home theater. You press a button on the back of the speaker and it tells you whether the speaker is for front, center, surround or rear speaker, etc.

You only need the the speakers and a surround-hub that transmit 7.1 channel WiSA.

The speakers are available in May, 2018.

Her kommer passivhøjttalerne SA legend 5 og SA legend 40, samt de digitale aktive SA legend 5 silverback, samt SA legend 40 silverback.

Later in 2018, the top models SA legend 60 and SA legend 60 silverback become available. Then the center channel SA legend 10, SA legend 10 silverback and the digital aktive wireless subwoofer SA legend sub silverback becomes available.

About upgrading

SA legend are passive speakers. They are used in music systems and home theatre systems. They can be upgraded to digital active speakers


SA legend silverback are digital active speakers. They are used in music systems or home theatres with a pre-amplifier. Speakers are available to buy in this version.

They can be upgraded to digital active wireless speakers


SA legend silverback m. hub are digital active wireless speakers. They can be used with a smartphone, tablet, TV, CD, turntable etc. They are a music system. Speakers can be purchased in this version.

They can be upgraded (with a new hub) to take part of a (up to) 7.1 wireless digital home theatre

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