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SA Cockpit: A simple and revolutionary app for wireless Silverbacks

SA Cockpit is a revolutionary and simple App that turns your smartphone into a control center for Stereo Hub and your wireless SA legend silverback speakers.

SA Cockpit gives you access to the innovative SA products connected to your network.

The app contains:

• Remote control with volume control, input selector, on / off, etc.

• Control over speakers and sound in multiple rooms

• Playing music from your streaming service

• Setting up 2 to 8 Silverback speakers in a music system or home theater with Dolby Atmos

• Room correction with SA Room Service, which adapts the sound of the speakers to the acoustics of the room

• Manual equalizer, that allows you to fine-tune the sound exactly the way you want it

• Service function that wirelessly connect speakers and remote control

* Automatic diagnosis of your system if you need help

Integration of all functions

Together with your smartphone, SA Cockpit gives you full control over all functions of your wireless music system. You don’t have to search for your remote control, because it is already in SA Cockpit. If you want to hear music in another room, just use SA Cockpit to move the sound. You can play music from your streaming service through the SA Cockpit, optimize the sound to the acoustics of your room and fine-tune it with the manual equalizer. Setup of the complete system is simple with SA Cockpit, and if you need help it can send a status report at your command to our service department, without you having to do more.

Great digital benefits

SA Cockpit is a look into the future of equipment design. Previously, we would buy a new device to get new functions, but it requires both physical materials and transportation to create the new device and it is no longer necessary to think that way. Nor is it justifiable. In our digital universe, possibilities are not limited by the physical world. SA Cockpit performs more different tasks than any physical product, but does not use the resources of our planet in terms of materials and transportation to become available to you. It is upgradable and any new advancement will instantly benefit all users. The sound is treated with the utmost care in our digital world, and we are passionate about delivering the experiences the way the artists have intended.

For Android, the App requires a specific wireless microphone to perform room correction. We'll get back with more information about availability.

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Ole Witthøft
Ole is the founder of System Audio. His 3 greatest passions are music, design and technology. Every day, Ole is working on some kind of projects, and you find him in the workshop, in the production, behind a computer or on one of his many presentations around the world.

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