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Top-class design and sound

It takes up less than 15 x 15 cm on your floor. Yet it sets a new standard for its combination of compelling sound and attractive design.

SAXP30Black (8)

Top-class design and sound

It takes up less than 15 x 15 cm on your floor. Yet it sets a new standard for its combination of compelling sound and attractive design.
Use SA XP30 in a small or medium-sized room with a music system or home theatre of good quality and you will be impressed by this little speaker´s sonic clarity and big sound.


SAXP30Black (7)

Both discreet and unique

SA XP30 stands in your living room as a minimalistic piece of furniture, entirely without superfluous decoration. Seen from above, the speaker is square with softly rounded edges. The loudspeaker comes in white or black. Common to both colours is that the finish consists of a special type of fabric that is pulled around the loudspeaker. It's an original design that stands out from the crowd in a tasteful and simple way.

SAXP30Top (4)

SA XP30 in black finish, black top with high gloss lacquer, black fabric and black base

SAXP30Top (3)

SA XP30 in white finish, white top, white fabric and white base

SAXP30Bottom (13)

If your floor is not completely even you can set-up the speakers with the provided base plates

SAXP30Rubber (15)

The supplied rubber feet are suitable for hard floors

SAXP30Spikes (14)

The supplied spikes are suitable if you have carpets. Spikes and rubber feet can be mounted on the extra base plates


Easy to live with

The acoustics of the SA XP30 is made for the real world. The speaker is designed to be placed 10-20 cm from the wall, a location where most ordinary speakers would sound wrong. An electrical circuit ensures that the sound from the speaker is radiated slightly upwards, so the whole room is filled with sound. SA XP30 can be used with most types of music and movies. Even when you listen to background music you can clearly hear every detail of the music

SAXP30Bottom (12)

SAXP30Bottom (11) The underside of SA XP30 reveals the solid gold-plated input terminals and fittings for the extra base plates and spikes


Can be used with almost all music systems

For the best sound SA XP30 does not place excessive demands on your music system.  Your amplifier must simply be of good quality and the output power should be 50 watts or more.

Practical base plate included

There are two extra large base plates included with your SA XP30. You can use them if your floor is not quite even. You also get rubber feet, spikes and spike pads. Rubber feet are recommended for hard floors, while spikes are preferable if you have carpets.

SAXP30Black (10)

Behind the fabric that is wrapped around the loudspeaker you find two 11 cm woofers, a 25 mm tweeter, a bass reflex port, and the special foam that removes sound reflections


Technology is down-scaled from more expensive speakers

One of the reasons for the big sound is the XL technology used in the woofers. The special construction makes the membranes of the woofers move further, which gives a far deeper bass response than normal in a small woofer. SA XP30 uses woofers which are downscaled from SA ranger.


Big sound from a small loudspeaker. XL technology is the formula used in the best SA woofers

SA konstruerer sine bedste bashøjttalere efter

XP - what does it mean?

XP is a family of speakers from SA. The 30 model is the smallest floor standing speaker. "XP" means "explorer" which is the name of the SA top model

Sophisticated and refined

SA is respected for our tremendously refined loudspeakers. The strong cabinet is made of 18 mm MDF to avoid coloration of the sound. The front plate is even 25 mm thick! The entire front panel around the drive units is covered by 5 mm neoprene rubber, and around the tweeter you will find a special type of foam that removes reflections and makes the sound extra clear and pleasant. The 50 mm thick plinth under the speaker is machined out of one piece of massive MDF. Here you will find the big gold-plated input terminals.


The creator of the sound, technology and design

Ole Witthøft founded System Audio A/S in 1984 and has won numerous awards and tests for the SA speaker`s unique combination of sound, technology and design

Dimensions (WxHxD) cm: 14.5 x 100 x 14.5

Recommended amplifier: 50 watts min

Power handling: 135 Watts

Frequency range + / - 3 dB: 45-35.000 Hz

Impedance: 4-8 Ohm (easy load)

Recommended placement: floor, 10-20 cm from back wall

Sensitivity (1W, 1m): 88 dB

System Audio A/S
Klosterengen 137 L
4000 Roskilde. Denmark
CVR no. 13862788
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