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Technical specifications

SA saxo sub 8 - small and effective

SA saxo sub 8 is really small and shaped like a cube with side dimensions of 27 cm. The small dimensions are out of proportion to the impressive bass. Use it in a music system or in a SA saxo home cinema. Built-in amplifier of 100 W.

SAsaxoSub8HighGlossBlack (3)
SAsaxoSub8HighGlossWhite (2)
SAsaxoSub8HighGlossBlack (5)

Dimensions (W x H x D) cm: 27 x 27 x 27
Finish: white or black high gloss
Built-in amplifier: 100 Watts
Frequency range (- 3 dB): 40 - 120 Hz

System Audio A/S
Klosterengen 137 L
4000 Roskilde. Denmark
CVR no. 13862788
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