SA saxo sub 8

SA saxo sub 8 – small and effective

SA saxo sub 8 is really small and shaped like a cube with side dimensions of 27 cm. The small dimensions are out of proportion to the impressive bass. Use it in a music system or in a SA saxo home cinema. Built-in amplifier of 100 W.

SAsaxoSub8HighGlossBlack (3)
SAsaxoSub8HighGlossWhite (2)
SAsaxoSub8HighGlossBlack (5)

Dimensions (W x H x D) cm: 27 x 27 x 27
Finish: white or black high gloss
Built-in amplifier: 100 Watts
Frequency range (- 3 dB): 40 – 120 Hz

SAsaxo30HighGlossWhite (8)

Incredible sound at a reasonable price


SA saxo is a small family of loudspeakers for the economically concerned film and music lover.


The market’s best sound for the price. This is the aim of SA saxo. You can use the speakers with any good music system or home theater, and their surprising sound quality will bring you closer to the artists you love.


Created for all

You may like everything from rock, pop, classical and jazz. You may listen to CD, MP3, blu ray, network players and much more. It makes no difference because SA saxo loudspeakers are designed to give you maximum listening pleasure out of anything. All you need is to consider is which model you need. The surprising big sound will spoil you.
SA saxo 50 (1)

Solutions for your home

For music systems or 2.1 systems
with active subwoofer

All saxo speakers can be used in your music system, and they can all be extended with the active subwoofer SA saxo sub 10 if you want more bass or have a 2.1 home cinema.


For 5.1 home cinemas

All saxo speakers may take the place as the front, center and rear speakers in your home cinema. It is recommended that you use 1 piece SA saxo 10 in horizontal position as the center speaker. For best results, use SA saxo 40 as front speaker, but the SA saxo 10 and SA saxo 1 may also take this place.

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