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Opgrader dine musikoplevelser med (gratis) rumkorrektion

Rumkorrektion til din hub og SA legend silverback højttalere.
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SA Room Service

Upgrade your music experiences with (free) room correction

Owners of the Stereo Hub and SA legend silverback speakers can get incredible bass in their music systems with SA Room Service.

It’s an App for your iPhone.

The app upgrades the sound from your music system by making acoustics in your living room co-operate with the acoustics of your loudspeakers. In that way you get far better music experiences.

Removes annoying bass

Modern living rooms often suffer from poor acoustics that make the music sound unnatural.

Some living rooms have far too much bass, while others have almost no bass.

Both are annoying to music lovers and the reason is that the room’s acoustics are not made for music listening.

The solution is to get the speakers and acoustics in the living room to work together for a balanced and lifelike bass sound.

Uses your iPhone as a measuring device

1 minute. That’s the amount of time Room Service needs to map the acoustics in your living room and calculate a room correction that will enhance your music experiences.

You simply use your iPhone as a digital measuring device and you only need to do the measurement once.

SA Room Service saves the measurement in your hub to upgrade the sound from all your sources.

Available for Android later.

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