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SA ranger master

It is no coincidence that SA ranger master is shaped like a discreet exclamation mark.

SArangerMasterWhiteSatin (10) SA ranger master is more than a loudspeaker. It is a beautiful piece of furniture

The new standard

It is no coincidence that SA ranger master is shaped like a discreet exclamation mark. It is supposed to remind you of the joy of intimately experiencing music and movies.
SA ranger master is for people who want to be inspired by top-class entertainment in their homes. When you close your door, shutting out the hectic outside world, SA ranger master is open to any kind of musical experience: rock, pop, jazz, classical or whatever else you fancy. You can play soft background music or blast it out at high volumes for hours. You can move around or sit down. Everywhere you go you will experience uniform and faithfully reproduced sound quality. SA ranger master can also be integrated into your home cinema, and will convince you that it is worth spending time spoiling yourself with large-scale experiences.

Master is superior

SA ranger master contains the results of the advances brought about by the development of the original SA ranger. Completely new approaches to the development of acoustics and electronics are used, and SA ranger master is the first speaker of its kind.
SArangerMasterWhiteSatin (8) The drive units position, dimension, tonal range, distance to the floor and the speaker
cabinet's shape, are among the factors which influence the loudspeaker acoustics - and hence its sound quality


Developed in special test room

To create SA ranger master a special test room with controlled acoustics was built. A protective environment was necessary for the sensitive measuring equipment to show its results with the greatest possible accuracy. New methods have been employed including a new analysis of how our human ears perceive sound. With our new knowledge we built our master. A loudspeaker, which in many respects is built like its role model, but offers more of everything

Only in SA ranger master

Inside the loudspeaker we have optimised the materilas so that the air moves more freely with less compression. This part of loudspeaker design has been optimised in SA speakers for many years, but in SA ranger master we have gone even further. The crossover network - the speakers electrical circuit - is designed in a new way. The crossover's primary job is to distribute the audio signal to the loudspeakers different drive units and the new crossover in SA ranger master process audio signals in a more gentle way, with the result that important information is not lost. This has been made possible because the acoustics have been improved. The new crossover and the improved acoustics led us to one of the world's best cables,  Nordost monofilament, which is used within the tweeter in SA ranger master. The four woofers are connected with Nordost wyrewizard cables.

SArangerMasterEbony (4)

The logo sits on an angled area of the front plate


On the back of the speaker you will find a discreet label that says "master version and the speakers logo is located on an angled area on the front plate. SA ranger master is also available in beautiful black high gloss paint, a finish that is not available on the original SA ranger.



Nordost monofilament is used as the internal cable to the tweeter


Acoustics invisible quality

Acoustics is one of the least visible sciences. But superb acoustics liberate music and provide extraordinarily good sound. Acoustic perfection is only one of our goals, and our development process starts far away from laboratories and measuring rooms. Our speakers are designed to work in the homes of the people who choose to live with them. A number of the world's leading acoustic engineers have contributed in the process to develop SA ranger master. It may be difficult to see, but you can`t avoid hearing it.



Nordost wyrewizard used as the internal cable for the four woofers


A sound created for a home - not the lab

In an ordinary home, both the floor and the ceiling have even surfaces, almost completely devoid of breaks or variations.  Although a typical domestic listening room will have various items of furniture, these are insufficient to prevent the surfaces of the floor and ceiling from generating a large number of reflections. These reflections make the sound of traditional speakers sound unnatural.  SA ranger solves this problem by distributing less sound in the direction of the floor and ceiling than you are used to from other speakers. The narrow design also helps prevent reflections from the front plate, while the relatively deep cabinet prevents sound reflections from the inside of the cabinet escaping through the membranes of the drive units. All of this is clearly audible because the reduced reflections and the excellent acoustics combine to make you feel closer to the artists.


Sophisticated simplicity. The loudspeaker's built-in crossover network consists of just 10 components. Only four are sitting in series with the signal. It is good news for the sound quality


Straight in the ears

SA ranger master can be positioned anywhere you want although it does, of course, always pay to experiment a bit if you want the best possible sound. And when you sit in front of the speaker, the sound comes straight at you at ear level, just like sitting in front of the musicians themselves.

woofer W1104XL front woofer W1104XL side

SA are specialists in small bass speakers of high performance


The SA W1104XL woofer:

Almost unbelievable performance

The little woofer has to be heard to be believed. W1104XL is the first 10.4 cm woofer capable of producing a genuinely deep and full-bodied bass sound. It is a technological achievement that will significantly enhance your musical experience.
Small woofers have advantages over big ones, and SA passes a milestone with the W1104XL. The light membranes sound more natural, and their small diameter allows for superior distribution of the sound. Reproducing bass sound is all about the ability of the speaker to move air.  A small membrane has to work significantly harder to move the same air as a large membrane and so the challenge is to increase the membrane's mobility.  In this respect, W1104XL outperforms every other woofer of the same size.


XL technology means that the woofer has an extra-long stroke system (only available in SA speakers)

illustration W1104XL copy

Inside the solid aluminium chassis sits a powerful engine that gets big sound out of the little speaker
  • The membrane's mobility is 3,5 times greater than an ordinary woofer
  • Incredibly durable construction, both mechanical and electrical
  • The specially designed membrane weighs just 0.8 grams and is made of a paper-like material
  • The chassis is cast in aluminium and designed to enable substantial airflow
  • The heat is drained off by cooling ducts
  • The voice coil is made of fibreglass
  • A magnet system with built-in metal rings reduces distortion
  • XL technology is only available in SA speakers

tweeter T2506XS2 front

The SA T2506XS2 tweeter:

Where the most delicate nuances of sound are produced

Acoustics, precision engineering and musicality converge in the T2506XS2 tweeter to provide a fantastically subtle reproduction of every detail of the sound. With a membrane weight of just 80 mg, the almost transparent membrane is possibly the lightest ever made.


With a weight of just 80 mg, the almost transparent membrane may be the lightest ever made


XS technology allows you to experience a more uniform sound quality, no matter where you are in the room

illustration T2506XS2 copy

Behind the cast aluminum front plate the incredible light membrane is mounted in its own chamber


  • XS technology also ensures that the tweeter distributes sound over a greater area than traditional tweeters. Wherever you sit in the room, or even while moving around, you'll still experience uniform sound quality. Ordinary tweeters emit the highest tones as a narrow ray, which means that you have to sit right in front of the speaker to get the full benefit of the experience
  • XS technology extends the area in which you can enjoy the best possible sound quality
  • A 12 mm front plate made of cast aluminium serves as the vibration-free base from which the tweeter transmits information that requires precise membrane movements, all the way down to 0,0005
  • The unique textile membrane weighs only 80 mg – possibly the lightest ever made
  • Separate built-in chamber behind the membrane
  • The T2506XS2 tweeter is magnetically shielded
  • XS technology is only available in SA speakers


Solid input terminals on the back of the loudspeaker provide easy access to all types of cables, and allow biwiring or biamping. The crossover network is mounted on the inside of the input section.


Sound and design


SA ranger master is designed by Ole Witthøft who uses the term "reduction" as his design philosophy. On each loudspeaker you see reduction by the absence of unnecessary embellishment. Inside the speaker you see reduction in the obvious simplicity of the design. It is also reduction that drives us to reduce the weight of the moving parts in our drive units, because it gives better sound. When we reduce the speakers interaction with the room's acoustics, it is also through implementing the philosophy of "reduction". It is a waste of the user's resources to make things complicated. Simplification of every little detail optimizes the experience. In short: less is more.

Dimensions (WxHxD) cm: 13 x 116 x 32

Recommended amplifier: min. 70 Watt

Recommended placement: floor, 10-30 cm from the back wall

Finish: white satin, high gloss black, black ash

Power handling: 300 Watts

Frequency range + / - 1.5 dB: 40-35.000 Hz

Impedance: 4-8 ohms

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Klosterengen 137 L
4000 Roskilde. Denmark
CVR no. 13862788
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