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SA mantra 70

Come closer to the music. It is our mantra

SA speakers are designed to bring you closer to the artists you love.

Come closer to the music.
It is our mantra


SA speakers are designed to bring you closer to the artists you love. The essence of our sound, precision and musicality, and the new SA mantra 70 is one of the best representatives of these values.


When you look closely at SA mantra 70 you will notice that it bears all the qualities which have won awards for SA through years of dedicated work on the development and design of loudspeakers.

Fast drive units

SA is characterized by the specially developed woofers with light-weight membranes that reproduce the lowest frequencies with incredible precision. Their long stroke means that they are capable of moving air that would otherwise require much larger woofers.


The combination of speed and long stroke is unique.

Innovation for the benefit of great sound quality

When you look at the special MTM configuration that reproduce midrange and treble do you see the innovation in SA mantra 70. The sound is radiated as sound reflections from the room's floor and ceiling is limited.


The combination of four powerful woofers and a MTM, you will see for the first time in speakers. It is an innovation that once again moving boundary and brings you one step closer to the music and the living and true experience of artists.


The man and his mantra

System Audio A/S was founded in 1984 by Ole Witthøft because he could not find any speakers that could live up to his idea of being close to the artists when listening to music at home. He had discovered that speakers must be constructed and designed in accordance with a specific system that has named his company.



Reduction as a design philosophy


All SA speakers begin their life at Ole's table, and although some of the world’s best experts in acoustics, mechanics and electronics are involved in the product development a new speaker is only put into production, when Ole happy with it.


One of Ole's philosophies is about reduction in every sense of the word. On each loudspeaker you will see the reduction as an absence of decoration. Inside the speaker you see reduction as an obvious simplicity of the design.


It is also reduction, which drives us to reduce the weight of the moving mass of our drive units, because it improves the sound. When we reduce the speaker’s dependence of the room acoustics, it is also a way to use the philosophy.


It is a waste of the user's resources to make things complicated. Simplification of every little detail optimizes the experience.


In other words: less is more.

Power handling 250 Watts

Impedance 8 ohms

Sensitivity (1W, 1m) 90 dB

Frequency response 40-35.000 Hz +/- 1.5 dB

Dimensions/weight 14,5x118x29 cm (WxHxD) 21,8 kg

Improved version from serial no: 148443

System Audio A/S
Klosterengen 137 L
4000 Roskilde. Denmark
CVR no. 13862788
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