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Technical specifications

Indulge your home cinema experience with a first-class center speaker

The movie experience becomes much greater when the sound is completely in balance. That's why SA legend 10 is the inevitable center speaker in your home theater.

SA legend 10 conveys the film's dialogue with a fantastic authenticity. You clearly hear all the moods and small nuances of the sound, but you also clearly notice the dynamic of explosions and special effects.

SA legend 10 is created for home theaters, where you want a first-class experience.

Solutions for your home

Place it close to your flat screen or canvas in your home theater. Hang it on the wall using the wall bracket W.5. SA legend 10 is suitable for many different applications.

SA legend 10 is a modern and flexible speaker that can be used in a music system or in a home theater with the very best sound. It can take any position in home theater or in a system with other SA legend speakers.

Can be upgraded to active

SA legend 10 can be upgraded to SA legend 10 silverback after a simple installation with the powerful Silverback module.

Silverback turns SA legend 10 into an active speaker with 3 built-in amplifiers and with a total power of 225 watts.

After the upgrade, the speaker can be used both as a wireless or as a wired active speaker.

It can be used in a music system or take any place in a (up to) 7.1 wireless home theater with uncompressed High Definition audio in 24/96 quality.

The upgrade makes the sound cleaner, clearer and more powerful than any external amplifier is capable of.

All speakers in the legend family can be upgraded in this way.

The speaker may be purchased as the active, wireless SA legend 10 silverback if you wish.

Use SA legend 10

As a front speaker

As a center speaker

As a rear speaker

Place SA legend 10

Horizontally (with horizontal front grille on stand or wall bracket)

Vertically (with vertical front grille and wall brackets)

Choose from these finishes

White cabinet (with white front grille)

Black cabinet (with black front grille)

Connect SA legend 10

In a music system or home theatre with an output power of min. 70 watts per channel

SA legend 10 – Technical specifications

Dimensions (WxHxD) cm: 50.4x19x26.5

Recommended amplifier min.: 70 Watt

Recommended placement: Shelf, wall or stand

Power handling: 225 Watt

Frequency range: 35-25.000 Hz (+/- 1.5 dB)

Impedance: 4-8 ohm

Finish: Black or white satin

Front grille color: Similar to cabinet

In the package: Front grille for both horizontal and vertical placement

Accessories: Front grille in white or black

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