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SA explorer master sets a new standard for the experience of sound in the home.

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SA explorer master stands on the shoulders of SA explorer and sets a new standard for the experience of sound in the home.
By using new technology, comprehensive listening tests, and new test facilities SA explorer master has become a reality. A masterpiece that will delight and inspire its users every time they hear it.
It has taken nearly 10 years to create SA explorer master. The original SA explorer was released after 5 years of development and is a remarkable speaker with an enchanting musicality and energy. Technologically SA explorer offers innovative ideas that will set the standard for many years to come. There has not been a speaker like SA explorer until now.

Master is superior

SA explorer master contains the results of the development work that has been made possible since the presentation of the original SA explorer. We have used completely new approaches to the development of acoustics and electronics with the result that SA explorer master is the first speaker of its kind.

Developed in special test room

To create SA explorer master a special test room with controlled acoustics was built. It was necessary to ensure that the sensitive measuring equipment would show its results with the greatest possible accuracy. New methods have been employed including a new analysis of how our human ears perceive sound. With our new knowledge we have built our master. It is a loudspeaker in many respects like the model on which it is based, but it offers more of everything.

Only in SA explorer master

We have optimized materials within the loudspeaker so that the air moves more freely with less compression. This part of loudspeaker design has been optimized in SA speakers for many years, but in SA explorer master we have gone even further.
The crossover network, the speaker’s electrical circuit, is designed in a new way. The crossover’s primary job is to distribute the audio signal to the loudspeaker’s different drive units and the new crossover in SA explorer master processes the audio signals in a more gentle way to ensure that important information is not lost. This has become possible because the acoustics has been improved. The new crossover and the improved acoustics have led to one of the world's best cables. Nordost monofilament has found its way to the tweeter in SA explorer master. The four bass / midrange speakers are connected with Nordost wyrewizard cables.


On the back of the speaker you will find a discreet label that says "master version”, but there are other ways to recognize the SA explorer master. It has got a black base plate, a black front baffle and a cover plate with a flat surface under the front grille.
SA explorer master is also available in black high gloss paint.


SA explorer master is the speaker for those who want to spoil themselves with top-class sound quality. The time you spend on entertainment is valuable and should captivate you, regardless of whether you are in the mood for reflection or just pure pleasure.

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What do you want to experience today?

Your SA explorer master offers superb sound quality, no matter what challenge you confront it with. Enjoy the fine tones and subtle idioms of jazz. Experience energetic, provocative rock, the pure physicality of electronic music, or the subtle, sophisticated sounds of the symphony orchestra. SA explorer master has a unique way of derlining the rhythms and contrasts of the music, so the listener never misses anything. Even with the volume way down low, you can clearly hear every instrument, and SA explorer master will follow you all the way up the volume scale, even when the sound level approaches that of a live concert. This extraordinary versatility also makes SA explorer master the ideal choice for your home cinema. You, will understand every word the actors express. You will find yourself absorbed by the atmosphere of the film like never before, and the speakers will cope with even the most powerful special effects. SA explorer master is more than a speaker. It is an invitation.

World class know-how

When you want to set a new standard, it is no good to follow traditional thinking, or mimic what other companies in the industry are doing. The development team behind the SA explorer master could not work this way. They know that real progress - something that really makes a difference - can only be achieved by breaking the boundaries we are familiar with today.

Nordost wyrewizard is used as the internal cable to all four woofers

An acoustic masterpiece

Acoustics and technology come together in SA explorer master to provide an experience that is quite possibly the closest a speaker can come to real live sound. The pure and minimalist lines of the design conceal a powerful and advanced construction developed completely from scratch. The aim, right from the beginning,  as that SA explorer master would impress listeners with its performance without drawing attention to itself with a flashy design. SA explorer master is the ambitious solution to the task of providing top-class sound quality together with seamless integration with your other furniture.

Acoustics – invisible quality

Acoustics is one of the least visible sciences. But superb acoustics liberate music and provide extraordinarily good sound. Acoustic perfection is only one of our goals, and our development process starts far away from laboratories. Our speakers are designed to work in the homes of the people who choose to live with them. A number of the world's leading acoustic engineers were involved in the tenyear development process that culminated in SA explorer master. Their contribution may be difficult to see, but you can’t help hearing it.

A sound created for a home - not the lab

In an ordinary home, both the floor and the ceiling have even surfaces, almost  ompletely devoid of breaks or variations, but various pieces of furniture placed along the walls shape the acoustics of theroom. The even floor and ceiling surfaces normally
generate a large number of reflections which make the sound unnatural, while the furniture in the room and along the walls generates far fewer reflections. And so SA explorer master radiates less sound in the direction of the floor and ceiling than you are used to with other speakers. The narrow design also helps prevent reflections from the front plate, while the relatively deep cabinet prevents sound from the inside of the cabinet escaping through the membranes on the drive units. All of this is clearly audible because the fewer reflections and the excellent acoustics make you feel loser to the artists.

Straight in the ears

SA explorer master can be positioned anywhere you want – although it does, of ourse, always pay to experiment a bit if you want the best possible sound. And when you sit in front of the speaker the sound comes straight at you at ear level, just like sitting right in front of the musicians.

Specialists working together to deliver perfect sound

The different components collaborate together to reproduce the sound in SA explorer master. Each component has been specially designed to do its part of the job. The actual bass notes are reproduced by four specially designed woofers in which the membranes are activated by no fewer than eight built-in voice coils, which guarantee fast and controlled deep bass. The higher bass notes are reproduced by the same four membranes, but are only driven by one of each woofer’s two moving coils. The two upper woofers generate the midrange and the specially designed tweeter reproduces the highest tones in the audible register. The deepest notes are transmitted through two bass reflex tubes on the back of the cabinet – a simple and inventive solution which exploits the fact that the deep notes spread like rings in water and are, herefore, heard equally clearly all the way around the speaker, including straight in front of it.

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The flat panel under the front grille indicates that this is the SA explorer master


Design of SA explorer master

Better sound quality starts with a better speaker cabinet. A stronger cabinet with fewer vibrations and correct acoustic dimensions provides the speaker elements with better working conditions, which makes the sound more natural.


Nordost monofilament is used as the internal cable for the tweeter
  • The SA explorer master cabinet is made of MDF with a thickness varying from 18 to 58 mm
  • The design consists internal bracing which optimizes the acoustics inside the speaker and helps air to circulate inside the cabinet
  • On the front of the speaker, behind the removable plate with the SA logo, there is access to a separate sand chamber in the bottom of the cabinet. By filling the chamber with dry sand, you can achieve greater sound precision
  • The front grille which protects the drive units is rounded on the inside to avoid sound reflections
  • SA explorer master is delivered with spikes and rubber feet for mounting under the base plate

woofer W1404XL cut2

The woofers are using XL technology

Each W1404XL woofer contains XL technology with two voice coils in the magnet instead of one. These small woofers are incredibly durable and precise because the various movable parts are cast together in the same mould and not glued together like traditional woofers.
  • XL technology uses two voice coils in each woofer to reproduce the deepest notes
  • XL technology makes our woofers capable of reproducing far deeper bass than woofers with traditional technology
  • Membrane weight: 0.9 gram, corresponding to 25 % of the weight of an ordinary piece of A4 paper
  • 12 mm stroke (membrane movement)
  • Cast aluminium chassis
  • The W1404XL bass element is magnetically shielded
  • XL technology is only available in SA speakers
woofer W1404XL horisontal exploded

SA are specialists in high performance small bass woofers

It is not unexpected that SA presents technologies such as XL technology for superb sound from small speakers. In 1984, when System Audio A/S was founded, the essential difference between the first SA speaker and other speakers was that the SA speaker used smaller woofers. We require speed and accuracy of our speakers  ecause it presents more nuances in the sound and makes it easy to follow the music. When we require that a speaker should be able to play very loud we do not use large woofers, but several small ones instead.

tweeter T2606XS cut

The T2506XS tweeter is an acoustic masterpiece

Acoustics, precision engineering and musicality converge in the T2506XS tweeter to provide a fantastically subtle reproduction of every detail of the sound.
  • XS technology means that a wave guide around the membrane controls the sound dispersion so it is not reflected from the front plate and edges of the cabinet
  • XS Technology also ensures that the tweeter transmits sound over a greater area than most traditional tweeters. You can move around, or sit in different places, and still experience uniform sound quality throughout the room. Ordinary tweeters distribute the highest tones as a narrow beam, so you have to sit right in front of the speaker to get the full benefit of the experience. XS technology extends the area in front of the speakers where you can enjoy the best possible sound quality
  • A 12 mm front plate made of cast aluminium serves as the vibration-free base from which the treble unit transmits information that requires precise membrane movements all the way down to 0.0005 mm!!
  • Unique textile membrane weighing only 80 mg
  • Built-in separate chamber behind the membrane
  • The T2506XS tweeter is magnetically shielded
  • XS technology is only available in SA speakers
tweeter T2606XS horisontal exploded

explorer master was created by a global team with time and talent


Ole Witthøft has been standing behind all SA speakers, since he founded System Audio A/S in 1984. People who design, develop and manufacture parts for SA speakers comes from around the world and are among the world's most talented and creative design teams in acoustics, mechanics and electronics. All speakers begin their life at Ole's table, and he does not approve them before they are really finished, even though the development work takes time.

Dimensions (WxHxD) cm: 18 x 122 x 35.5

Recommended amplifier: min. 70 Watt

Recommended placement: floor, 10-30 cm from the back wall

Finish: white satin, high gloss black, black ash

Power handling: 400 Watts

Frequency range + / - 1.5 dB: 30-35.000 Hz

Impedance: 4-8 ohms

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