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SA Cockpit

SA Cockpit gives you access to the innovative SA products on your network.

SA Cockpit

A simple and revolutionary App that turns your smartphone into a control center for Stereo Hub and your wireless SA legend silverback speakers. SA Cockpit gives you access to the innovative SA products connected to your network. The app contains:

  • Remote control with volume control, input selector, on / off, etc.
  • Control over speakers and sound in multiple rooms
  • Playing music from your streaming service
  • Setting up 2 to 8 Silverback speakers in a music system or home theater with Dolby Atmos
  • Room correction with SA Room Service, which adapts the sound of the speakers to the acoustics of the room
  • Manual equalizer, that allows you to fine-tune the sound exactly the way you want it

• Service function that wirelessly connect speakers and remote control, check the system settings and sending a message to us if you need help with your system    

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