SA pandion 50

This is our most ambitious loudspeaker ever

The name is SA pandion 50 and this is the most extraordinary loudspeaker we’ve ever made. Everything about this loudspeaker is special, and we would like to invite you to experience it.
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SA pandion 20

Invents its own category

Normally, loudspeakers are divided in two categories: large and small. Large loudspeakers have their advantages, while small speakers offer other benefits. SA pandion 20 eliminates many of the limitations of both.
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SA pandion 30

Home is where the art is

SA pandion 30 is a dream. Feed it with any kind of music and it brings you an experience of atmosphere, finesse and energy . With its exclusive finish and distinctive design is more than a loudspeaker.
It is an invitation to a world of music.
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SA pandion 5

The best compact loudspeaker we have ever made

An incredibly entertaining loudspeaker. It conveys music with a sound stage that goes far beyond the speaker’s physical limitations.
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SA pandion 2

A world-class compact loudspeaker

SA pandion 2 is a breakthrough for compact loudspeakers. It breaks with the traditions and sets new standards for sound quality.
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