Floor standing speakers

Are you looking for floor speakers in great Scandinavian design, and are you also picky with the sound? At System Audio, you find a range of floor speakers in which both the sound and the visual aesthetics are paramount.
On this page, you can explore our assortment of active wireless speakers, which focuses on usability, the sound as well as the design, just as you find a wide selection of other floor speakers of high quality.

SA saxo 60

Great speaker at a reasonable price

SA saxo 60 is a masterpiece. The simple design fits into any living room the exceptional sound quality matches any kind of music and the price is hard to beat.
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SA legend 60

The best loudspeaker you’ve heard?

SA legend 60 sets a new standard for listening experiences. It is created for people who love music and it invites you to experience more than ever before.
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SA legend 60 silverback

This is progress

SA legend 60 silverback fulfill the music lovers dream of greater sound experiences.
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SA legend 40 silverback

Enjoy music like never before

You've never had greater music experiences in your home.
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SA legend 40

Get close to the music

Together with a good music system, SA legend 40 delivers amazing experiences of any kind of music.
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SA saxo 40

Big sound without big speakers

You love great sound, but not big speakers. That's why you choose SA saxo 40. It sounds overwhelming but it does’nt fill the living room.
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SA saxo 50

A powerful loudspeaker

SA saxo 50 deliver amazing sound quality for the economically concerned film- and music lover.
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Floor speakers for the picky expert

Let us guess. You don’t compromise on sound when you choose your speakers. Then you have the same attitude as us at System Audio.

As a music lover, you have to be picky with the sound. Of course, you shouldn’t listen to music on gear, whose maker took sound quality lightly.

The artists behind the music spent countless hours in the studio, trying to get every chord sound perfect, just as the sound technician hovered over the soundboard to create the best possible nuanced and authentic acoustic image. That is why, naturally, the sound must be delivered by speakers built with respect for the music – regardless of whether it is floor speakers, compact speakers, or other types of speakers.

Stylish floor speakers with the sound at the centre

If you buy your speakers at System Audio, you’re always sure to get a thoroughly tested product with an eye for detail, in which nice, authentic sound is a matter of course.  At the same time, we prioritised aesthetics, and our assortment of speakers, therefore, offers inviting and stylish Scandinavian and Danish design.

That way, you can be happy about fantastic sound in your living room – or wherever you listen to your music – without having your room marred by bombastic speakers, stealing all the attention. See for instance our selection of active wireless floor speakers, which make it easy to enjoy your music without filling up your room with devices.

Best floor speakers for the price

At System Audio, we believe that good sound shouldn’t cost a fortune. That’s why you will find some of the best floor speakers on the market to the price. Explore the assortment of passive and active floor speakers and let you get inspired by how good sound, usability, and aesthetics go hand in hand.

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