Compact speakers

Are you looking for compact speakers which have been specially developed for optimal sound quality and aesthetics? At System Audio, we carry a range of thoroughly tested quality speakers in nice and stylish Danish and Scandinavian design – perfect for the music lover who prioritise the visual expression in the hunt for fantastic sound.

SA legend 5.2 silverback

Spoil yourself

SA legend 5.2 silverback brings you big sound and a musicality in a class of its own.

SA legend 10.2 silverback

Our most powerful center channel speaker ever

Now you can enjoy our award-winning sound from an elegant and active center speaker.

SA legend 5.2

A new standard for loudspeakers
Use SA legend 5.2 in a good music system, and it will seduce you with delicious and natural sound.

SA legend 10.2

Indulge your home cinema experience with a first-class center speaker
The movie experience becomes much greater when the sound is completely in balance. That's why SA legend 10.2 is the inevitable center speaker in your home theater.

SA air 9

All you need

Upgrade your sound and enjoy how simple a great music system can be.

SA saxo 7 active

This is a minimalist music system with maximum sound

It's what you don't see that matters. These two speakers and your smartphone are a complete wireless music system!   * Easy to use * Award-winning sound * Connects to 5 devices

SA saxo 5

Here is your most musical friend for the next 20 years
SA saxo 5 is a charming speaker. It makes music experiences seem present and alive.

SA saxo 3 active

Here is your new complete music system

You only need SA saxo 3 active and a smartphone to own a complete wireless music system. That's all. * Easy to use * Award-winning sound * Connects to 5 devices

SA saxo 1

SA saxo 1 – small and surprisingly good
It is only 25 cm tall and 13 cm wide. Yet you will be amazed by its big sound.

SA saxo 10

SA saxo 10 – powerful and elegant
With SA saxo 10 you get big sound, stylish design and an excellent finish.
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