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Our amazing year. Here are the highlights of 2017 at System Audio

In 2017 we presented 8 new speaker models and the international press gave us 10 great reviews. We arranged vinyl fairs, mini-concerts, lectures on music and much more.

In 2018, our customers will be among the first in the world to own 100% digital wireless speakers. Read about the amazing news in the end of this post.

Here's our 2017.

Our most ambitious speaker top rated

Scandinavian test magazine Lyd & Billede gives SA pandion 50 a Special Recommendation which makes us very proud.

Read the test, and see the German review, which calls SA pandion 50 “a sound sculpture with outstanding musicality".

Don't forget, the thorough review from the specialists at Hørerlebnis, that calls our top speaker: Danish Dynamite.

SA saxo 1 in new version: Amazing musicality in compact speaker

Our small and extremely successful SA saxo 1 was upgraded in 2017 and the Germans called it "Klangsensation ab 200 Euro".

Put it on a shelf or hang it on the wall. SA saxo 1 is immensely musical no matter what music you hear. Read about the upgrade here.

Show me SA saxo 1

Vinyl fairs with live music at our factory

Our vinyl fairs has almost become a cultural event in Roskilde. The warehouse is transformed into a marketplace with hundreds of guests, 10,000s of vinyl records and people having a good time.

People hear live music (this time with Julie Ellinor) and author Jan Poulsen keeps his beloved lectures on music. This time he talked about punk that celebrated its 40th anniversary.

We went searching for the best upcoming band in Denmark

We want to support upcoming bands that care about sound quality. So together with our 14,900 blog readers, we went looking for Denmark's best upcoming band. We wanted to give them our Sound Award.

See the winner and hear the music.

Created for people who love great sound, but not big speakers

A lot of music lovers have a problem because small loudspeakers are not good enough for them.... while large speakers take up too much space living room. What should they buy?

The answer is: The new SA saxo 40, a small floor speaker with surprisingly big sound.

New speaker Specially Recommended by the press

The new SA saxo 50 had not been on the market long before the press gave it their recommendation with the words: "Balanced and dynamic sound with high air guitar factor".

"Easy to find space for and suitable for all types of music" . Read the test

Show me SA saxo 50

School classes take lessons at our factory

When we are not producing loudspeakers, we have school classes that take lessons at our factory.

This is done in collaboration with the local public school and the concept is called Open School.

The children experience that their knowledge of cooperation, mathematics and language have a purpose in the real world and that knowledge has value.
In this way, we hope that the children find it even more important to go to school.

Read about our Open School activities and how the children experience it

Luxury speaker impresses reviewers

“We don’t recall a pair of speakers which charmed us so completely from the moment we played music through them”, they said about our beautiful diamond, SA pandion 5.

In this Scandinavian test, they say:“At Jazz at the Pawnshop, the atmosphere of the Swedish jazz inn is so vibrant that you can smell the cigarettes and beer."

We think that SA pandion 5 is the best compact speaker we have ever made.

Use our factory for your event

Large and small companies often use our factory for their own work. They did it again in 2017.

Our place is suitable for everything from strategy seminars, kick-off meetings or a work-away day outside the office. Big or small.

Send a mail and let's make an appointment. We love having guests


Here you get extra Oomph to your sound

Our active subwoofer SA saxo sub 10 has been upgraded with an even more powerful amplifier. See this great subwoofer and read how it adds extra Oomph to your sound.

SA pandion 30: Speaker of the Year

It was a special moment when SA pandion 30 was awarded Loudspeaker of the Year in the ambitious category: top class.

In the US, they are surprised about the beautiful Dane with the incredible sound.

3D print your own speaker stand

It is extremely beneficial to the sound, to angle a compact speaker slightly towards the listener.

A small, simple stand can improve the loudspeaker dramatically and make it sound like a more expensive loudspeaker.

Subscribe to our blog and be among the first to get access to the world’s first 3D-printed speaker stand.

Our 6th vinyl fair was a release party

The Bowdashes play amazing rock. We are proud that this band chose to premiere their first release during our vinyl fair. Follow the link and follow The Bowdashes.

Author Jan Poulsen lectured on his brand new book about Iggy Pop. After Bowie's death, there has been a new interest in Mr. Pop because of his close relationship with Bowie.

Not all record players sound great. Choose with your ears

Vinyl is incredibly hyped. Many people buy a record player without hearing it first and it's really a shame. Many record players do not sound very good at all.

During our 6th vinyl fair we had a well-attended presentation where Peter Sejersen from KT Radio played 3 record players, inviting the guests to hear the difference themselves.

No one doubted that record players are as important as loudspeakers: they must be compared with others before buying.

The new SA saxo 30. Great sound and simple design

People who are not listening to music very often should meet SA saxo 30. Music lovers praise this speaker for its ability to involve them in music.

You want to hear more when the music sounds as big as this. The sleek design makes it easy to place in the living room.

Google has sold 55 million Chromecasts in 2017. And yes, we're happy about it

Google Chromecast is a smart device, that you easily put on your wireless SA speakers to get a lot of new features.

Chromecast gives you better audio quality, multi room (simple operation of multiple speakers in multiple rooms) and a smart overview of all your music and movies in the free app: Google Home.

At SA, we are pleased with Google's success, because it brings our good sound to more people.

The new SA saxo 70 is Spitzenklasse

It does something amazing with music. The most captivating thing about SA saxo 70 is its precise and rhythmic presentation of the music.

You hear no uncertainty, but only live musicality. SA saxo 70 a loudspeaker that’s been created to entertain.

German reviewers put it in the Spitzenklasse.

Kris Herman held a mini-concert at our factory

He is an intense, original singer. Therefore, of course, we were proud when Kris Herman came by and gave a concert at the office.

The new SA saxo 5

Sound with muscles. SA saxo 5 presents the music in a delicate and vibrant way. Serve everything from techno to smooth jazz. The SA saxo 5 brings you the music with a playful ease, and it is even easy to set it up to function correctly.


181 test pilots help us develop the loudspeaker of the future

Our test pilots are a group of people that we take very seriously.

They are involved in our listening tests and we discuss product design with them. We use their input to make decisions about technology etc.

In 2017, we welcomed 43 new test pilots and we have used their valuable input throughout the year.

Real jewel in Spitzenklasse

SA mantra 5 is an incredibly well-built compact speaker that has inherited its technologies from the precious SA pandion 2.

Stereoplay, the German test magazine, has looked at it and placed it in the Spitzenklasse. We are incredibly happy for that.

Show me SA mantra 5


The new SA saxo 10

The saxo chameleon. Use SA saxo 10 as the center speaker in your very own home cinema or use it in your music system because you like energetic and great sound. SA saxo 10 performs equally well for both.

Author Jan Poulsen held two lectures at our factory in 2017

His lectures are stardust. Jan Poulsen has met David Bowie, traveled with Dizzy Mizz Lizzy and knows many of the stars in music.

In 2017 he held two lectures at the speaker factory, and opened fascinating stories from the world of music.

New 380 Watts amplifier in subwoofer

SE200 was upgraded in 2017 with our brand new 380 Watts amplifier. And what a change! We are among the few who test our products on real people (our test pilots).

Their effort will be heard clearly when it comes to the precision of the sound. Not many subwoofers that can follow SE200 when it unfolds.

Two speakers. That’ s all

It is the music system of the future.

In 2018, we present a speaker family called SA legend silverback, which are some of the world's first true 100% digital wireless speakers.

We have moved the technology into the speakers and upgraded and digitized it all, so the music system only consists of two wireless active speakers.

No equipment, no buttons, no wires and no hassle. Only crystal clear sound like you’ve never heard it before.

Tell me the story about SA legend silverback

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Ole Witthøft
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