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Only 10% of our users know this trick

It must change. We have prepared our wireless speakers to a smart and convenient future that exists today.

* Our speakers are prepared for Google Chromecast. A technology that has taken the world by storm. Listen to this:

* Chromecast is a small, cheap round device that can give you wireless audio in better quality than CD

* You don't need an extra cord when connecting the device. The Chromecast is powered by our speaker

* Being an SA user, you connect the Chromecast device to one of the speaker's optical inputs (and not the analogue). Optical sounds much better

* You can now get wireless audio in multiple rooms. Put loudspeakers in the living room, the home office and the kitchen. Put Chromecast on all speakers. Control them with your mobile phone

* Chromecast connects all brands. You are not forced to buying a particular brand

* It is all managed by Google Home. The clever app that brings together all your streamed music, radio, TV and entertainment in one simple and easy-to-use interface.


Great sound starts (as always) with great speakers.

See our award-winning wireless speakers here

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