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WiSA or chaos: High End audio will become wireless in the future

WiSA in California has published a press release stating that our SA legend 7 silverback and SA legend 10 silverback are the latest WiSA certified products.

This means that SA legend silverback is the largest family of active wireless speakers with WiSA technology.

See our new family members here:

SA legend 7 silverback  is a 3-way active and wireless on-wall speaker with exceptional sound quality.

SA legend 10 silverback  is a 3-way active and wireless High End center channel speaker.

The on-wall SA legend 7 silverback is a complete wireless music system with top class sound quality when used with  Stereo Hub  .

The small wireless control unit is the connection point for all your audio sources and it transmits the sound to the speakers using WiSA technology. In addition, SA legend 7 silverback is prepared to take any position in a home theater.

SA legend 10 silverback is an important product for users who want their own Silverback home theater with up to 8 wireless speakers, Dolby Atmos and superb 24/96 High Definition sound quality.

Our two new speakers are in stock in Roskilde, Denmark and ready for sale.

WiSA is the world's best

At System Audio, we do not hesitate to call WiSA the world's best wireless technology. It is the only technology developed for high quality sound. Bluetooth is developed for speech and WiFi is created for data.

WiSA has a much higher quality than both and transmits the signal without any loss. The sound will not be colored or changed with WiSA. This makes WiSA superior to cables.

Speakers with cable will not disappear. No way. This is why our wireless speakers are available in a passive version. They can be easily upgraded to wireless when the user is ready to take advantage of the wireless technologies.

WiSA makes great audio experiences accessible to people who could never dream of living with speaker cables and lots of equipment in their living room.

Only a few years ago, it was a technical impossibility to imagine a home theater without DVD player, AV receiver and meters of loudspeaker cables in the living room.

Today, you only need a flat screen, our wireless speakers and a mobile phone to stream cinema experiences that are bigger and better than you've ever experienced with physical media.

WiSA connects devices from different brands. Wirelessly

WiSA is not just a technology. It’s an organisation of  60 brands that share the same vision of users having the easiest and best possible audio experiences without limiting their freedom of choice.

Among the 60 brands that support WiSA, you will (besides System Audio) find brands like: Primare, Electrocompaniet, Bang & Olufsen, Klipsch, Microsoft, LG and many others. The number is constantly increasing.

It means that if you want to use your LG flat TV with your wireless SA speakers, you just do that.

Both brands support WiSA and operate perfectly and wirelessly with each other. You may also use a Primare device with your wireless SA speakers in an uncompromising music system.

There are many possibilities.

That's why a Californian press release today is a glimpse of an exciting future tomorrow. Actually, now!

 See the entire SA legend silverback family here

PS. Want to know what WiSA is?  Read this blogpost 

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