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SA pandion 2 - the amazing story

Created like no other. Thousands have followed the extraordinary story about a world-class loudspeaker, developed in an open forum.

The traditional No Entry sign on the R&D department has been replaced by a "Welcome" and anyone have been invited participate in the project or just follow it from the sideline.

The result is an incredible loudspeaker.


Large group of enthusiasts developed the sound with SA’s designteam

A team of 92 discerning enthusiasts participated in the development of the sound of the loudspeaker. They have made numerous tests of loudspeakers and shared their ideas with System Audio's design team.

It has never been seen before that such a large group of users have been directly involved in the development of a loudspeaker.

The feedback of the users has been innovative and challenging and also a direct reason for the extraordinary sound quality. The competent enthusiasts have simply driven the proces forward.


Knowledge shared on award-winning blog

The readers of The Engineer are known as the sharpest brains in Denmark and a blog
called Loudspeaker Q113 at The Engineer's website has served as the place where the
story has unfolded.

 All results and technical drawings are shared on the blog that has won the respected Bording price for Digital Media.


Transparency created a high standard

With the internet as a development platform everyone has had the opportunity to follow and to contribute
to the development of SA pandion 2.

The work began with with 3D drawings, building of test facilities, acoustic modelling, listening tests and a lot of dialogue on technology, materials, etc.

Experts from many industries have inspired each other and shared knowledge across many sectors.

The high level of knowledge has dominated the project and the open dialogue constantly challenged the players to chase better solutions towards the final goal.


Probably the best 13 cm woofer in the world

Q113 Evolution has been developed for SA pandion 2 to deliver outstanding sound quality.

It has an extremely powerful magnet motor and the membrane has a stroke of 22 mm. It enables the woofer to move 5-6 times as much air as a conventional woofer.

The membrane is made of wood fibre and it has 10 slots filled with damping material to removes resonances without adding weight to the membrane. A special coating of the membrane edge completes the acoustics to provide extreme sound purity.


The fine nuances ensure the high level of quality of the sound

The tweeter uses a conical waveguide, which effectively controls the sound dispersion.

It is in every detail optimized to reproduce sound nuances with accuracy.

Engineers in the project devoted particular attention to the acoustics of the cabinet behind the membrane and has achieved a new standard for sound nuances.


Delicate and handcrafted

The project's incredible ambitions has created some unique drive units that can not be built by machines. They are fully handcrafted to The fine nuances ensure the high level of quality.


Music fills the room

We have put an unusual efforts on the loudspeaker's ability to fill the room with sound.

We have worked with the audio industry's most advanced tools for creating a loudspeaker that can give the listener a feeling of being in the middle of the music, with the rare experience of being close to the artist.


Named after the osprey

Pandion is the Latin name of the magnificent osprey.

It finds its food over a large area, like the loudspeaker is created with inspiration from many different directions.


The sound has the final word

The physical design of a loudspeaker has a noticeable impact on its sound quality. That's why the team behind SA pandion 2 has worked intensively on the design's influence on the acoustics.

The Loudspeaker Q113 project has worked with advanced acoustic simulation programs, where the design is made in a 3D-universe.

In this virtual world, you can work with the speaker's physical dimensions to optimize the design to be favorable to the acoustics.

Computer simulated acoustics is a new concept, but also an effective tool that saves the design team for many expensive prototypes. Instead, time is spent where it really makes a difference.


Revolutionary blind tests made for the first time

A blind test involves comparing the sound of different loudspeakers, without knowing which ones are playing.

In this way, we evaluate the sound, without being colored by design or price etc.


SA pandion 2 is the first loudspeaker that has been created with input from blind tests. They were made at the independant institute DELTA SenseLab.

Their listening panel consists of musicians, tone masters, sound engineers, studio technicians, acoustics students and people with good ears.

For the first time in the history of Hifi, users have been involved in a product design process.

See how SA pandion 2 has been received by the press.

Ole Witthøft
Ole is the founder of System Audio. His 3 greatest passions are music, design and technology. Every day, Ole is working on some kind of projects, and you find him in the workshop, in the production, behind a computer or on one of his many presentations around the world.
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