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SA mantra 50

Rock´n Roll around the clock ! Conclusion: Mantra 50 is like its predecessor  - one of the most complete speakers, we have heard at its price-point, and in this test, only the Sonus Faber Venere at a much higher price, giving it a mention worthy competition. We would have liked the opportunity to bi-amp the speaker  via double speaker […]
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SA mantra 70

Dynamic and fast. Conclusion: I liked Mantra 60, but is in fact a little more happy with the Mantra 70. The differences are how much life they give to the music, and how engaging and rhythmic they seem. Mantra 70 has an enthusiasm, a precision and a dynamic surplus that makes all music fun to […]
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SA manta 70

A successful improvement As a whole, System Audio Mantra 70 is a successful improvement of an existing concept. SA continues its straight construction line and has got a top mid-fi speaker that fits like a glove to the versatile music listener who plays all kinds of music genres, who will have a "lively and  engaging" […]
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