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Ontmijning til erhvervspris

Højttalerfirmaet der lytter til kunderne
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WiSA certificering van SA legend silverback

WiSA kondigt de certificering van System Audio SA legend silverback speakers.
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SA legend 60 silverback

The headline says: SOPHISTICATED TRANSFORMATION and they talk about our loudspeakers with 3 lives (passive, active and wireless active) Danes don't lie, they say. In the technical specifications, we claim that the frequency response goes to (remarcable) 17 Hz. They measure 11 Hz in their lab! The SA legend silverback family is a technological breakthrough! […]
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Loudspeaker of the Year 2019

SA legend 40 silverback is Loudspeaker of the Year in Germany.       [elementor-template id="30138"]
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SA legend 40 silverback

"Excellent. Reference class!"    
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SA saxo 40

SA saxo 40   First of all, the music played by Saxo 40 simply wants to listen - not for a minute or ten, but an hour, two or more. These speakers simply draw in. They are lively and rhythmic.  
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SA pandion 5

"På “I’m Confessin’” fra Jazz at the Pawnshop er stemningen fra det svenske jazzværtshus så levende, at man næsten kan lugte cigaretrøgen og ølsjatterne."  
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SA pandion 5

"We don’t recall a pair of speakers which charmed us so completely from the moment we played music through them"  
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