SA legend silverback

A family of amazing digital speakers
For the music lover who wants sublime music experiences and a hassle-free life with technology

SA legend 60.2 silverback

This is progress

SA legend 60.2 silverback fulfill the music lovers dream of greater sound experiences.

SA legend 40.2 silverback

Enjoy music like never before
You've never had greater music experiences in your home.

SA legend 5.2 silverback

Spoil yourself

SA legend 5.2 silverback brings you big sound and a musicality in a class of its own.

SA legend 10.2 silverback

Our most powerful center channel speaker ever

Now you can enjoy our award-winning sound from an elegant and active center speaker.

SA legend 7.2 silverback

The impossible has become possible
Now you can enjoy our award-winning sound from an elegant and active speaker hanging on the wall.

Stereo Hub

The market's most intelligent control center

Stereo Hub controls your audio devices and connects them wirelessly to your Silverback speakers.

SA Cockpit

A simple and revolutionary App that turns your smartphone into a control center for Stereo Hub and your wireless SA legend silverback speakers.

SA Cockpit gives you access to the innovative SA products on your network.

SA Room Service

Upgrade your music experiences with (free) room correction
Room correction for your hub and SA legend silverback speakers

A new and higher standard

Here is the solution for music lovers who want top-class audio experiences, great user-friendliness and a living room without messy loudspeaker cables. We present SA legend silverback.
With SA legend silverback, music lovers get experiences in the very highest quality. It is a family of 100% active speakers that are innovative like no other. They give you great music experiences in your living room and they are incredibly easy to live with.
The speakers can be used in 3 different ways, depending on how you want to set your music system together. The speakers can be upgraded so you are never stuck when choosing SA.

Use SA legend silverback:

With your current music system

Connect the speakers with signal cables from pre-out on your amplifier or surround receiver and enjoy the significantly upgraded audio from the active speakers. The cable connection can be either balanced or unbalanced.

Wirelessly with Stereo Hub

Stereo Hub is a wireless receiver where you connect everything from turntable, TV, CD, computer, etc.
You stream wirelessly from your smartphone or tablet to Stereo Hub's built-in Chromecast, Airplay, Bluetooth or Spotify Connect.
Stereo Hub connects wirelessly to SA legend silverback speakers.
Stereo Hub and a pair of SA legend silverback speakers are a complete wireless music system without loudspeaker cables.

In a wireless home theater

Every SA legend silverback speaker is prepared to be included in a wireless home theater with 24-bit uncompressed audio in up to 7.1 channels.
In a wireless home theater, use a 7.1 WiSA hub such as Axiim Link.

This is special for SA legend silverback:

Created by music lovers

At System Audio we love music. Our speakers are created by music lovers and some of the world's leading technology experts. Our brand is recognized for the musical and engaging sound of our speakers.
System Audio has received more than 150 awards for sound, design and innovation and we have manufactured and designed loudspeakers since 1984.
We are located in Roskilde. The music city of Denmark.

Specially designed speaker units

The speaker units are designed specifically for SA legend silverback. The woofers are built with great mechanical precision and they are able to move 40% more air than ordinary woofers.
They have extremely lightweight membranes to make the sound open and rich with nuances.
The tweeter's patented acoustic DXT lens covers the living room with sound and you experience great sound wherever you are.

Adaptive bass

Experience deeper bass than ever before from a speaker of this size. The built-in adaptive bass system extends the speaker's frequency response down to 20 Hz and makes the sound image much bigger than ordinary passive speakers.

2-4 amplifiers in each speaker

There are 2 to 4 amplifiers built into each speaker. They have a total output of up to 560 watts depending of the model. The advantage is that the sound becomes more dynamic when each drive unit is connected to only one amplifier.

Digital amplifiers

The amplifiers in SA legend silverback are 100% digital. They are not Class D. They are so-called Power-DACs. It means that they are fully digital and even without a built-in DAC. The digital-to-analog conversion happens in the process of the amplifier. You don’t need a DAC in this system. The incredible speed of the amplifiers give the sound a great clarity and musicality. The digital amplifiers use less power and save on the planet's resources compared to traditional technology.

Digital crossover

Operates with great precision and without loss. A passive crossover removes energy from the music, and offers very few options for optimizing the sound. A digital crossover like this optimizes the sound, with no negative effect to the sound quality.

Controlled sound radiation

Digital signal processing ensures that the speaker's sound is evenly distributed in your living room. This means that you experience an accurate sound image with clear location of each individual instrument.

Analog input

Connect a cable from pre-out on your amplifier to the analog input on the Silverback module and experience an upgraded sound with deeper bass, more dynamics, musicality and clarity.

Wireless WiSA Receiver

Every SA legend silverback has a built-in wireless WiSA receiver that allows the speaker to receive audio in up to 24-bit uncompressed High Definition quality. Any device with a WiSA transmitter (such as Stereo Hub) can be connected wirelessly to all SA legend silverback speakers.

This is special for Stereo Hub

Stereo Hub is a digital receiver that you use when you want a wireless music system with SA legend silverback speakers and without any speaker cables in your living room.
You can virtually connect any kind of device to the Stereo Hub. Just take a look at the wireless and wired inputs.

Wireless inputs

High quality wireless input for both Android and Apple. Up to 24/96 High Definition sound quality.
High quality wireless input for Apple. Up to 24/96 High Definition sound quality.
Wireless input of standard quality.
Spotify Connect
Direct access to content on Spotify, as well as music in several rooms on devices that also offer Spotify Connect

Wired inputs

2 analog inputs
Connects your CD and turntable (using a RIAA amplifier)
4 optical inputs
Connects your TV, CD, gaming console, etc.
If your TV has HDMI ARC, just connect it to this input and enjoy that you only need the TV’s remote to be in control of both sound and picture.
Connects your computer when you want to listen to high-resolution music files (up to 24/192)
Connects your CD player or other digital players.

World's smartest remote control

The remote control is practical and innovative at the same time.
It works with radio frequencies so you don't have to point with it. It lights up when you pick it up. When you adjust the volume you can see it on the remote control. Even when you do it on your smartphone.

Music in every room

When using Chromecast or Spotify Connect you control the sound in many rooms and through many brands.

Google Home

The app on your smartphone that allows you to control light, sound, ventilation etc. and your SA legend silverback speakers.

Google Assistant

Control the music with your voice. Ask for example your phone to turn up the music, play another song or move the play into another room.

SA Room service

Owners of the Stereo Hub and SA legend silverback speakers can get incredible bass in their music systems with SA Room Service. It's an App for your smartphone. The app upgrades the sound from your music system by making acoustics in your living room co-operate with the acoustics of your loudspeakers. In that way you get far better music experiences.

Built-in WiSA transmitter

Stereo Hub is connected to the SA legend silverback speakers using wireless WiSA technology. It is the world's leading technology in wireless audio. WiSA transmits 24-bit uncompressed audio, without loss. The quality of the wireless connection corresponds to the quality of the best speaker cable. The WiSA signal from the Stereo Hub has a range of up to 25 meters.

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