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You need room correction if you want the best sound

Room correction is possibly the biggest upgrade you can make to your music system. After all, great loudspeakers only show their full potential when adapted to the room. Your room and its shape are critical to the sound you hear in it. Furniture, floors and walls reflect and color the sound in the room before […]

Upgrade your sound with room correction

SA Room Service is a simple and brilliant way to get a fantastic, deep and clean bass in your living room. Owners of the Stereo Hub and SA legend silverback speakers can get incredible bass in their music systems with SA Room Service. It's an App for your iPhone. The app upgrades the sound from […]

Updates for Stereo Hub and Silverback speakers

Here are some useful updates for improved security and stability in your Stereo Hub and Silverback speakers. The update to Stereo Hub applies to firmware versions lower than 12123. Check in Google Home that the firmware in your Stereo Hub is lower than 12123 before making the update. If your Stereo Hub already has firmware […]

Finally: Top-class sound has become cheaper (and wireless!)

Enjoy music in the best audio quality, without having your living room invaded by cables and equipment and without spending a fortune. Until now, you have only had one way to enjoy music in the best audio quality in your home: Buy an expensive music system with exotic equipment, custom-built cables and special loudspeakers. Now, […]

Digital Audio: Streaming services have improved sound quality dramatically

You come here because you want to get the best out of digital sound and avoid spending your money wrong. Here is the blog post number two in a series of five. This time it's all about the source. The place we get the music from. The quality of the data we collect is of […]

Digital Audio: Let's get to grips with the important

There are 4 areas of digital audio that you need to know before you can experience your favorite music in a new and better quality. Therefore, I will now introduce you to: Source Transmission Control Playback I do this because digital audio often appears as just one single thing. The impression is almost that if […]

On-wall speakers for people who love great sound

Forget about on-wall speakers solely as a design solution where sound is not a priority. We have created four elegant speakers to satisfy those who also love great sound. For decades, on-wall speakers have been a solution for those who are not particularly enthusiastic about sound, but just want to listen to background music. This […]

Wat is stereo hub? Lees het verhaal in 43 seconden

Mensen vragen soms ingewikkelde vragen, maar hier zijn enkele eenvoudige antwoorden. De stereo hub controleert uw audioapparaten en verbindt hen wirelessly aan uw silverback sprekers. Dat is de korte uitleg van wat stereo-hub is. Maar dat is niet alles. Bijvoorbeeld, als je wilt om de muziek van hoge kwaliteit (24/96) helemaal van de muziek streaming […]

Luidspreker van het jaar in Duitsland: SA Legend 40 Zilverrug

SA legend 40 silverback is draadloze luidspreker van het jaar in Duitsland. Hier zie je me trots ontvangen van de Award in München namens de System Audio team. Wat een prachtige dag! Zie de prijs hier Zie SA legend 40 silverback hier SA legend silverback speakers zijn gecertificeerd door WiSA. Wat is WiSA? Lees het […]

Wat mensen echt willen weten over draadloze geluid

De meest gestelde vraag over draadloze audio is over de kwaliteit van het draadloze signaal. De meeste mensen weten Bluetooth en WiFi en ze willen weten hoe goed onze technologie is in vergelijking met hen. Het korte antwoord is: we gebruiken WiSA. Het is een high-end oplossing in draadloze technologie die is 29 keer beter […]
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